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My Records of the Spring Festival

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  People here used to offer sacrifices to ancestors. Many people burn spirit money. They believe in this way the money can be sent to the dead. Because the tomb is far away, they choose a crossroad to "sent". It's a kind of tradition as the new year coming.
(This picture was taken at 6th, Feb. In my hometown. Maybe the man just returned here from another city.)
  The very last day of the year, most families turned on red lanterns with the hope of having a booming year. We prepared a feast to celebrate Spring Festival. At the midnight, fireworks were light in the sky. We saw TV program and ate dumplings. This year a new activity was quite popular, that was getting red packets on smart phones.
(It was about ten o'clock at 7th, Feb. My nephen was trying to grasp the lantern.)
  This was a special Spring Festival for me, because my grandma passed away at the end of the year as well as the beginning of new year in Chinese calendar. From this event, all my grandparents got together at another world. As a comment I received, I prefer to celebrate her life rather than morn her death. But this land, I may come less and less.
(It was 8th, Feb. the day my grandpa left. It was the scenery outside her house.)
  After all that things, I return to my birthplace. We four buddies who used to hang out together were reunion this time. We bought a plenty of junk food which contained the memory of our childhoods. In addition, we enjoyed meals at relative's home.
(These two pictures were taken on 10th, Feb. In my birthplace.)
  Wonderful time was always limited. We all have to move on. Best wishes for everybody. In the new year, may you become the one you want to be.
(This was the tranquil night of my birthplace, a peaceful countrside, my home.)

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