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Where Is the Winter Holiday

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  Winter holiday is coming. Now that it is called holiday, it should be a rest time for students. However, things go another way. Here in China, parents believe that children should start earlier, in case that they would be left behind. So children are busier than the normal study time.
  According to my experience, I usually had much free time in my childhood when holiday coming. On the contrary, I see many children on their way to take part in the extracurricular class. From eight to eighteen, even smaller than that. They are accompanied by parents or grandparents to different kinds of education and training instructions. From the tendency, we can tell that there are very limited students can really have a rest time to enjoy themselves. They have to learn piano, violin, English, math or Chinese. There are so many skills they need to learn, no matter they want them or hate them.
  It is spectacular when you see groups of children go out of a skyscraper, which is obviously not a school but just like a school.
  Sometimes I regret that I did not learn some skills such as singing, dancing or playing a kind of instrument. From the other side, I'd rather have a real vacation than a so called holiday that occupied with all kinds of classes.
  To be honest, we can't tell which pattern is better, it just a reflection of the development of time. After all, we never had our own phone until high school, but nowadays, even one or two years old child knows scratching on the screen of smart phone or iPad. None of us willing to exchange, it must mean that the developing, and all these changes have their sense.
  Such as I have seen, children can perfectly enjoy their life now, we may as well use to this situation. Time tells everything, what we need to do is accepting and adapting.

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