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A Special Period for Me in My Life

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  I am on the way of graduating, which is important and somehow confusing.
  When I was a high school student, as we all know, most of us took the examination of entering university as all the reasons of our struggles and it seems like a destination of that period. But now, as I arrived at the destination and carried on until now, suddenly I find that the future is vague. You have no clear goal. It is great that you can choose something yo like, but you may lose in the crossroads as well.
  There are many possibilities, however, you can only choose one way to go. What is both annoyed and fascinating is that you have no idea what is waiting for you.
  Now, I am on the crossroads. I know what I want, but I am not sure how I can achieve my goal. I made a decision, and some friends asked if I was sure about what I am doing. My answer is definitely no. I am not sure of many things, even everything. I never experience that, I am just about to find out what is preparing for me. Happiness or bitterness, I can't tell and I can't assure that I will never regret for my decision. I am trying to make things right as well as struggling to be the person I want to be. 
  I desperately need guidance, however, the most important for me is not this but understanding. Sometimes it is hard for me to tell what I want, because I even don't what I may have, I don't the feeling and at this moment it is hard to imagine.
  I don't know how to express my feelings to my dear friends and parent, thank you all for your caring, and please give me some time to adapt to the situation. Please allow me to make some mistakes then adjust to the right way that belongs to me.

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Reply Report HenLaoLaoShi 2016-1-17 16:19
Of course we don't know each other.  Our only connection has been a few encounters on this forum.  However, I am very impressed with your courage! Yes, you might make some mistakes, but you are mature enough to handle them.  Well done my friend!
Reply Report Altheaz 2016-1-18 11:03
Thank you for reading
Reply Report Igo 2016-1-19 09:16
So the kid in the picture is your uncle, right?
Reply Report Altheaz 2016-1-19 12:18
Igo: So the kid in the picture is your uncle, right?
Of course not, he is my  nephew.
Reply Report Igo 2016-1-23 08:41
Altheaz: Of course not, he is my  nephew.
    Not your uncle? Hmm, but he looks cute.
Reply Report Altheaz 2016-1-23 10:29
Igo:      Not your uncle? Hmm, but he looks cute.
Yes, lovely.

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