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Share I want to record something right now
2017-1-12 14:11
Today it is my second time to teach a demo class before teaching students. I have prepared for it for almost one week. In a word, I am satisfied with what I have performed. This moment had nothing to do with the result. It had almost been one year that I enjoyed one moment I tried my best. This feeling has been far away from me for nearly one year. I used to work really hard for what I aim at. No matter what the result is, I can accept it. Thanks for those who had helped me during ...
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Share Feelings
2017-1-6 16:54
Lately I had been very busy with my new job. It's been one month since my first job. Yeah, I had found my second job and tried to fit myself in it. Almost one month passed, it turned out that I was not ready for my second job and I did not do it very well. For the first two months, I was very positive and devoted myself to it with all my heart. And in the third month, I just changed my attitude and was not very energetic. Today I had my demo class before teaching in real classes. Obvious ...
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Share A New Start
2016-12-15 15:29
It's been a long time since I last came here. I have gone through a period of hard time. Beyond my expectations, I lost my first job at the end of October. Upon the day my supervisor telling me, I was shocked. It did not have any sign. She did not give me a clear reason, which made me really furious and upset. I still remembered the last time I went to the company. My tears could not help falling and the day was grey. All went very well in the beginning, but I did not ...
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Share Begin to think about the society
2016-9-11 22:00
This weekend I went to my cousin's house to have a get-together meal. We were not getting on well with each other when we were little. When we grow up, our relation was just about the same. No more, no less. It seemed that our relation was always the same no matter what had changed. I had to admit that she was not good at studying but she had a rich background. She did not have to work hard to support herself. All she was just to find a job to have fun. That was the whole life, at least i ...
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Share Just to Keep on
2016-9-6 22:56
One of my colleagues left our company today. It was such a sudden. Only one month, two of my colleagues just left. I did not know how to describe this feeling and felt something hard to tell. I could not figure this out. Maybe they have found better place to work. Perhaps they had fed up with this sort of thing. I still can keep on, but I did not know how long I will persist in. There is no answer for me at the moment. The only solution to this question is time. At the same time, I ...
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Share Can not Think of a Topic
2016-9-4 20:22
Finally September came. I like September for many reasons. First, I was born in September of Lunar Calendar. Second, it marks the beginning of Autumn in reality. Third, it was the last month of the third quarter. And finally thanks to myself, I have gone through the first month of the probationary period. Actually I kept telling myself every day before work "Keep on. If I quit the job, I will go back to the state when I was desperate for a job. And all of these are normal. Ju ...
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Share Try and Accept
2016-9-1 22:52
It seemed to me that I had gone through a lot for the past one month. It was my first time to start my career. It was also my first time to work with so many female colleagues. Everything was new to me. And it was a little bit difficult for me to move on. Beyond my expectation, I chose the job to be a consultant of studying abroad. That was a joke. This was the last job I would select in my life. And it just showed up when I was in despair. Actually, it turned out to be true that I did no ...
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Share Ready to Go on the Right Track
2016-8-28 19:02
My mom came to keep our car in good order this week and visited me by the way. I had to admit that I depended on the communication with my parents more and more and liked the kind of feeling keeping them company. Although I was not that old and very young in my age, I had made a decision that I would accompany my parents more as long as I had time after my graduation. Most part of the reason giving up the chance to go to big cities is my parents. I never regret my decision. Right now I lo ...
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Share Such a busy week
2016-8-26 22:05
It had been a very busy week. I started to go on the right track. It had been one month since I entered this company. To be honest, I did not like this job at all. It had been the last choice I would make in the past. However, it came up in the time I was despair. Thus it was the most important reason that I would not quit the job. In the second week, I remembered one thing very clearly. My supervisor criticized me in front of my colleagues, which made me out of rage. I did want to ...
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Share the Spirit of Chinese Women's Volleyball Team
2016-8-21 20:55
Today was a big day. Our national women's volleyball team won the match and gained a gold medal. Such great news, isn't it? I began to like watching the volleyball matches in the 2008 Olympic Games. Although our team did not win the gold medal at that time, what the players did on the court really impressed me. No more words could depict their performance. It was excellent. Today was an amazing day. Our national women's volleyball team became the championship in Brazil again after t ...
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  • Can not Think of a Topic 2017-4-16 10:32

    Well, it's good to have a plan. Keep trying, you'll be fine..

  • Something about Rio Olympics 2016-12-15 14:54

    mikky48: That will be great of Chinese team
    I would like to share my blogs here with you,hope you can like it.
    ok, that's great. Welcome!

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