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  Finally September  came. I like September for many reasons. First, I was born in September of Lunar Calendar. Second, it marks the beginning of Autumn in reality. Third, it was the last month of the third quarter. And finally thanks to myself, I have gone through the first month of the probationary period.
 Actually I kept telling myself every day before work "Keep on. If I quit the job, I will go back to the state when I was desperate for a job. And all of these are normal. Just try to survive and remember this feeling. Then change."  So strange and immature, huh? This was what was in my mind before going to the company for the past one month. It was really hard for me to make adjustments in the middle of August. I hated my supervisor because of the disgusting things her did, which were not a thing in my friends' eyes. And it was this feeling that made me dislike this job either. Wow, so immture again? Yeah, I had to admit that everything was going to be out of my control after failing so many exams and rejections by so many companies. Thus after that, I just tried to warn myself that I would go through the same feeling again if I quit. Eh, my god. So hard to accept. Such a difficult situation to become a society member.
  Later I decided to change and made up in my mind for what was my next step. I drew a deadline for my first job. I will not quit my job until I pass the civil servant exam. Even if I fail again, I will find another job after New Year. It was a big decision, but I was sure. 
 Just pray.

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Reply Report poor_yankee 2017-4-16 10:32
Well, it's good to have a plan. Keep trying, you'll be fine..

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  • Can not Think of a Topic 2017-4-16 10:32

    Well, it's good to have a plan. Keep trying, you'll be fine..

  • Something about Rio Olympics 2016-12-15 14:54

    mikky48: That will be great of Chinese team
    I would like to share my blogs here with you,hope you can like it.
    ok, that's great. Welcome!

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