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A Drunkard's Life---3

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In early 1990s, on one hand, people couldn’t afford to buy a TV or a computer, on the other hand, TVs and computers were not sold in his hometown. So there was no TV, or computer in his village at that time. Only few people had a radio. But people could do many things to entertain themselves. Games like playing card and Chinese chess were very popular among the villagers. Whenever people played these games, a crowd of people would gather around to be bystanders. And Chinese chess was the most popular one in his village. He was also a good player.

Mentioned before, reading was one of his hobbies. He liked reading books in his spare time. But there were not too many books for him. And every book he had had been read more than twice. So when he was free in the day, he would like to play Chinese chess with his neighbors. Playing Chinese chess would only be an leisure activity for people to relax and kill some time, generally speaking, the more people involved in the game, the funnier it would be. But not the case for him. He would probably be angry,even sometimes, went crazy, if he lost, or if someone acted as his opponent’s adviser.

On a cool autumn afternoon, the sun was shining in the sky. Many people were working in the field. While he was playing Chinese chess with one of his neighbors in front of a store where many people would like to chat or play cards in their free time. But that afternoon, only a small boy who was interested in Chinese chess and knew how to play it was there with them. They played quietly and carefully. And the boy always kept quiet as they did.

At a time, when the game came to the fatal moment,and it seemed that he was going to win. He had comparable advantages to his opponent, he would surely win if there was not anything wrong. Happy was he, and he started to sing a song for his victory. Suddenly, the boy realized that one of his horses was in a dangerous position where it could be killed by his opponent’s general. Without a second thought, the boy pointed it out to Kim’s opponent. With the boy’s help, his opponent killed his horse. Then, the situation reversed. The boy was feeling so happy for he had offered his help, and made a big difference in the game. But what he couldn’t expect was that, all of a sudden, he was slapped on the face by Kim. Instead of blaming his carelessness, Kim was so angry that the boy told the opponent to kill his horse. For this reason, he would probably lose the game.

“It was a mistake, I would like to take a step back.” he pleaded. But his opponent did not accept it. As it was a common rule that once the move had been taken, it would not be redone. Rejected by his opponent, he became angrier, and started to blame the boy, with an ugly and scared look on he face, he shouted at the boy, “shut your shit mouth up,and get away, you son of a bitch, who allowed you to tell anything about the game. Shouldn’t you know that you should keep quiet when watching Chinese chess.” He raised his hand again, willing to slap the boy again, but was stopped by his opponent. Feeling painful on his face and innocent in his heart, the boy ran home, crying loudly. From then on, the boy was afraid of meeting him on the way. No surprisingly, He lost the game. And he kept abusing the boy all the time. His opponent tried to stop him, but failed.

“Don’t mind him,he is just a little kid. He doesn’t know anything. What’s more, it is just a game. We are not gambling, and you lose nothing. You should not have slapped the boy” his opponent said patiently.

“He deserved it. Who allowed him to be a spy?”, Kim replied rudely.

“It is no big deal,every body comments a game. Even you would tell others how to do when you were watching a game like this.” said the opponent.

People in the village would like to play Chinese chess together. In fact, they were not playing it one on one. Whenever people played it, the bystanders would also get involved by choosing a side. They would help the side they stood for. In most cases, it turned out to be a game played by two groups of people.

“He should not do it”, he argued.

“But you were over reacting, how could you do that?”

“I would have won the game if he didn’t tell you.” he said.

“OK, you were the winner. I lost.” his opponent said, “ then go to play yourself.”

Then, they stopped playing. And his opponent was considering what the problem with him. What a crazy man. The game finally turned to an unhappy ending, and he was still mumbling, condemning what the boy did, and arguing he should have won undoubtedly.

The boy, after that, dared not watch him playing Chinese chess any more. What’s more, he would run away from him whenever he encountered him. As the boy would tell his fellows how he was treated by Kim, more and more children became to be afraid of him. They were too scared to play with him.

But sometimes, people would like to play Chinese chess with him after they knew the way he reacted to the bystanders. As people could make a lot of fun with him. And the game always came to an unhappy ending to him, while on the contrary, the bystanders were so happy.   ( to be continued...)

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