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Share procrastination is a big problem
Guo'er 2019-10-16 23:42
I haven't writen anything for quite a long time, it was not that I didn't want to write or to do. In fact, I have a long list of to-do things, and many ideas break into my mind everyday. But it was just because I did take prompt actions when I wanted to do them, as time went by, they slid out of my mind. Next time, when they come again, same thing happen, and again and over again. Finally, nothing has been done. I have been living here for a long, and I have been thinking about ...
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Share 2019-04-27
Guo'er 2019-4-27 13:27
“天有不测风云,人有旦夕祸福。 蜈蚣百足,行不及蛇;雄鸡两翼,飞不过鸦。 马有千里之程,无骑不能自往;人有冲天之志,非运不能自通。” ------《命运赋》 ‘The weather is unpredictable as the destiny of people, who will be sticking in a plight in the morning and enjoying ...
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Share An old Chinese saying I like.
Guo'er 2019-4-23 00:38
There is an old Chinese saying I like very much. "It is wise to suffer poverty and behave yourself when it is not the right time; You will someday have your day only if you keep fighting."(Shi Zao Bu Yu, Zhi Yi An Pin Shou fen; Xin Ruo Bu Xi, Bi Ding Yang Mei Tu Qi,时遭不遇,只宜安贫守分;心若不欺,必定扬眉吐气。)It is quite simple. What it really means is that when life is not going your way, you should not give up, instead, you should endure, keep fighting and wait for your time to come. I u ...
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Share goodbye 2018, hi 2019
Guo'er 2019-1-1 00:38
two hours later, i will have to say goodbye to 2018, and say hi to 2019. i don't know how people think about their 2018, what i really want to say is that how time flies! it seems yesterday was the beginning of 2018, but i will have to say happy new year 2019 tomorrom morning. have i gone through the whole year? maybe, maybe not. have i done something ? i don't think i have, since i will have surely gained someting if i did. haven't i done anything? i think i surely have, or where ha ...
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Share the coming College Entrance Exam
Guo'er 2018-6-5 16:52
In front of the high school I used to study, Someone videoed the students who were going to the county to take part in the coming college entrance exam, which is going to be held two days later. I saw this video just now, it really gave me a shock and reminded me of the exam I took ten years ago. the memories of my high school life started to reappear in mind, so clear, concrete and vivid, just like watching a movie in which I was the main character. Ten years ago today, together with many ...
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Share money is needed for wedding
Guo'er 2017-6-5 23:37
It is terrible hot outside on the summer afternoon. So the milk tea houses become the ideal places to hang out with friends, where one can have cold milk tea,enjoy the cool air from the air conditioner, access the free wifi, whitchat with your friends. One of my high school classmates comes to visit me this afternoon. Then we enter one milk tea house and have a long talk. At the beginning, we are talking something about our recent life, work,as well as plans for the future. Life is never ...
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Share something about dragon boat
Guo'er 2017-5-17 13:23
our village owns one dragon boat which was made about four years ago. Last year, it was lifted out of the Xijiang River and moved into a long house nearby after the dragon boat race. Generally, people will do something to protect their boats. In some areas in Guangdong, people would like to sink the boat at the bottom of a small river, then cover it with mug when all the dragon boat races can be well protected in this way. Because it can prevent the boat from damaging caused by the s ...
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Share dragon boat race
Guo'er 2017-5-15 23:24
More than 15 years ago, when i was still a little kid, my father took me to see a Dragon Boat race in a river near my house at Dragon Boat festival. I was too young to remember all the details. I just knew it was crowded around the river that day. Many people were standing along the both sides of the river. That was the only memory i had about dragon boat race held in my hometown. Since then, i have never seen any dragon boat race in my hometown until five years ago. Five years ago, in o ...
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Share Mother's Day
Guo'er 2017-5-14 22:59
30 years ago, my mother gave birth to a boy. Since the first day the boy came to the world, she has been worried about him all the time. When he was too little to feed himself, she had to feed him several meals a day, sometimes, she had to wake up in the midnight to take good care of him. Whenever he was hungry or crying in the night, she could not fall asleep for the whole night. She had to feed him and comforted him. As soon as the boy calmed himself down, the dawn has come. She could ...
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Share read 'Sophie's world' one more time
Guo'er 2016-6-25 00:14
What do i think about the book Sophie’s world? It is two years ago that i started to read the book ‘Sophie’s world’ for the first time. At the very beginning, i don’t know it is a fundamental book for philosophy. It come to me as a common novel with a fifteen years old girl who is induced to learn philosophy. Of course, we also learn about it as Sophie starts to learn it step by step. So after i finished it i come to realized that is not only a story book,but also a philosophy introd ...
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