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Share Do you feel lonely during your graduate study?
2016-10-17 16:16
Just now, I texted to my fellow graduate and asked her whether she would like to have Big Pizza with me. She soon replied and suggested that we could go on Wednesday, but not today. Suddenly, a sense of loneliness fell upon me. I think the biggest enemy during my graduate study is not those hard papers, but the loneliness. I found it as soon as my school year began. Every Wednesday afternoon, I had a class that was about to be dismissed at four o’clock. After the class, my class ...
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Share Should I be more scheming?
2016-9-9 08:36
A few days ago, something happened made me really uncomfortable. I’m a post-graduate student and the other girl and I study under one supervisor. Since the Teacher’s Day is coming, I think as her students we’d like to buy some gifts for our supervisor. So I asked that girl for some advice. Finally we came to an agreement: we would ask our supervisor out for a dinner and buy her a bouquet of flowers and a box of mooncake since the Mid-autumn Festival draws near. The next thin ...
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Share Little Thoughts about Harry Potter Series
2016-9-5 19:25
Recently, I’ve bought Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and I read it immediately I got the e-book version. Up till now, I haven’t finished reading the novel. I just finished the part that Harry’s and Draco’s son prepared to save Cedric’s life by using Timeturner. When I read the act 1 scene 1, I almost cried. This is just the rewriting of the last series! My mind went back to the year 2008. I remembered the last book in this series had just published before I went ...
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Share Do you work for money?
2016-5-15 21:01
I got annoyed and confused today. I'm an English major student, second year of my post-graduate study. I teach a high school student every Sunday afternoon. I went the student's home today as usual. When I arrived, his mother greeted with me and we began to have a small talk. The conversation gradually led to my future job. I told her I would like to be an editor upon graduation. She nodded and said that I should work in an internet company if I wanted to do editorial work, especially unde ...
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Share Spring Festival means family reunion with a homemade hot pot
2016-2-15 19:43
I love hot pot, just as many people do. Sometimes I even think why I should bother to learn how to cook with such great dishes being created. I will never get sick of this dish even if I have it every day. Apart from its delicious taste, hot pot requires no cooking skills. You boil all you want to eat, no matter meat or vegetable, and dip them into sauce, which can be bought in the supermarket. So hot pot becomes a good choice during the Spring Festival due to its time-saving advantage so th ...
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Share What was like of being a liaison officer?
2016-2-11 15:35
A week ago, I accompanied some stuff in embassy to listen to music in Beijing Concert Hall on Feb 2nd. It all started in the middle of January, when I found an ad recruiting English volunteers. I've never done such kind of work before, so I signed up with great curiosity. The next day, I was invited to a Wechat group which was used for announcing information and reporting questions. We were told that our position was called liaison officer, who would guide some stuff in embassies to li ...
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Share What was Beijing like ten years ago?
2016-1-17 18:21
I was born in Beijing and have been living here for more than twenty years. I'm now in a college for graduate study. Most of my classmates are from other provinces. I once asked a friend how she liked Beijing, the girl told me excitedly howconvenient Beijing was and how she found the plaza where the discount on clothes was so crazy. It is not surprise for people outside Beijing to recall those modern places such as CBD, Sanlitun and wangfujing at the mention of it, as if Beiji ...
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Share The first few days in YNET- Experience of working in New Media Operation
2016-1-9 18:17
As WeChat has dominated China's social network, its related products has boomed correspondingly these years. Several months ago, as I was looking for an internship, a phenomenon aroused my awareness. I noticed that a new career emerged in many sectors, especially in the field of internet. The position is called new media operation. I think the job, in essence, is what an editor has done traditionally, but requires good, if not proficient, computer skills. This newly emerge ...
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Share I translate the song "小幸运" into English!
2015-12-23 12:14
I translate the song "小幸运" into English!
Two weeks ago, I saw the movie Our Times(我的少女时代) , and fell in love with the song 小幸运 immediately. I almost cried when the music started as the hero confessed his love to the heroine. I replayed the song again and again. Finally I decided to translate it into English. This was the first time that I did a song translation, and I found the strategy quite different from what I usually used when dealing with articles. Here's my translation. A Littl ...
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Share An unforgettable experience: nine hours of working as an examiner
2015-12-13 22:15
I thought I would never forget December 6th, 2015, a date so meaningful to me, as I was fortunate to work as an examiner in the preliminary contest for Practical English Super League. Starting It all started when my friend asked me whether I was free on weekend, as the organizing committee was looking for some examiners. It was an oral English contest, whose contestants were all in primary and middle schools. As I hadn't got any plan on that weekend, I ...
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