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Do you feel lonely during your graduate study?

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Just now, I texted to my fellow graduate and asked her whether she would like to have Big Pizza with me. She soon replied and suggested that we could go on Wednesday, but not today. Suddenly, a sense of loneliness fell upon me.

I think the biggest enemy during my graduate study is not those hard papers, but the loneliness. I found it as soon as my school year began. Every Wednesday afternoon, I had a class that was about to be dismissed at four o’clock. After the class, my classmates would leave one after the other. I just sat there, screening my cellphone. Actually the news or articles didn’t interest me a lot, and I knew I should do more meaningful things, such as reading papers or going outside. But I just didn’t want to move. Usually I would sit there for almost an hour, and then I left for a dinner. I always felt lonely from four to five pm on every Wednesday afternoon. For several times, I wanted to invite some of my friends to have dinner or hang out together. Chances were very small. Most of my friends have already worked, and their working places are too far from my university, so it’s unlikely to have dinner with them. My fellow graduates have their own issues and they are always nowhere in sight.

I searched what a person could do alone on the internet. I got a lot of answers. Some people suggested to go to an exhibition, or DIY something. But I find that once the loneliness overwhelms me, I want to do nothing, but sit there and let the loneliness engulf me.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels lonely in the college. To get rid of this feeling, I try to shift my focus. And that’s why I’m writing this article. 

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