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Should I be more scheming?

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A few days ago, something happened made me really uncomfortable. I’m a post-graduate student and the other girl and I study under one supervisor. Since the Teacher’s Day is coming, I think as her students we’d like to buy some gifts for our supervisor. So I asked that girl for some advice. Finally we came to an agreement: we would ask our supervisor out for a dinner and buy her a bouquet of flowers and a box of mooncake since the Mid-autumn Festival draws near.

The next thing to do was to tell our supervisor. I told the girl to send this information in our group chat (me, that girl and our supervisor) on Wechat. Usually we often exchange news in that group. However, she told me she had already sent the information alone, not in that group chat.

I was really angry. Obviously, she wanted to give our supervisor an impression that she was considerate and always thought of her, and more caring than me. But please! It was me who first came up with this idea! Besides, I think what she did was really mean. And that made me look down upon her.

You may say it’s nothing. After all, she didn’t do any harm to me and more fierce things will happen if I’m at work. But I just can’t accept this. It’s so childish and boring. I feel sympathetic for her. In my mind, we should have a good relationship and we often discuss academic questions together. But now, I feel sick of her.

This comes to another problem: should I be more scheming? I mean, I like competitions. It brings me some pressure which are necessary to help make a better me. But I only like it in a transparent way and apparently not some competition like this. Some people tell me it’s a world of malice. You should be more careful because one second you talk nicely to a guy, the next he plays a dirty trick behind your back. I’ve never believed this. I know that world exists, but it never belongs to me.

Maybe it’s straying from the point. I don’t know what I want to say. I just feel awful now.

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