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Share To Discover Stories in Beijing Subway
2016-1-8 17:21
Subway is a place full of stories. It was said that many people found their true love in London subways. I don’t know whether it is true, but I think it is impossible in Beijing. The reason is clear, crowdedness – millions of people choose subway for daily commute, and it would be lucky enough if you could find a space for feet, let alone romantic stories. But other stories still exist. We can discover them from people’s appearance, clothing and facial emotions, just li ...
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Share My New Year Resolution
2016-1-5 00:27
--2015-2016, may there always be days worthy of remembering “Dear passengers, Good evening! The train, named as 2015 Never Returning is arriving its terminal. Please take your memories with you, hold your ticket to 2016 and get ready for your transferring. Don’t forget to make wishes. May you meet a better you in 2016 Never Returning .” (The above passage is the beginning of an article published in CCTV WeChat portal. The original text was written in Chinese, and I ...
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Share When a Fortune 500 Crashes with Chinese Culture
2015-12-15 23:03
Before I came to the European auto company, its name was a legend for me, and its products, all kinds of autos including convertibles, are of everyone’s dream. When I came here for the interview, I was like the old lady who went to the Grand View Garden for the first time, looking around the offices and working people. In my heart, the staffs were all elites of this country. I felt like having got the lottery. After working here for nearly two years, I found that even the ...
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Share What comes to your mind when looking at snow?
2015-12-14 22:35
It snowed yesterday night. I didn’t realize it until this morning. The snow was not so heavy, compared with that in November. But it is enough to arouse people’s imagination. Children would think about Snow White, Santa Clause, sleigh, deer and the gifts wrapped in red and green. Young people would think about having a walk with lovers, enjoy the snow and play with it. Old people would wonder that next year would be a harvest year. While for Chinese writ ...
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Share English Study Of A Lady In Her 50s
2015-12-14 13:40
I used to be a teacher, teaching English in non-public training schools. And I had many students, some of them were adults. Most adults who learnt English were trying to improve some specific part, like writing, to get promotion or better chances in working environment. But one of the adults was a lady at her fifties, and only wanted to learn English basic knowledge, basic grammar, vocabulary, and expressions. She was a reporter in China Radio Internationa ...
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Share To Be Positive Always
2015-12-11 23:27
To Be Positive Always
Yesterday, I went to Peking University Third Hospital to have a blood test. I need a doctor’s prescription , so I came to the hematology department. When I was waiting outside the clinic room, I heard two men talking about their diseases. After listening for a while, I got to know that one of them was with leukemia. I was shocked at that moment. Because I knew what it meant. Secretly, I had a glimpse of the man. He was with a mask, but should be in his thirties accordin ...
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