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Share My Visit to National Museum of China
irisshao823 2017-6-13 11:25
On Sundauy afternoon my friend and I went to the National Museum of China, located at the east side of Tiananmen Square. We visited one of the permanent exhibitions, Ancient China. According to the introduction from the website of National Museum of China: It uses a large number of valuable cultural relics, and gives a complete picture of the long Chinese history from the prehistoric times to the late Qing Dynasty and shows in a comprehensive way the vitality and continu ...
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Share La La Land Tells Us: Hold On Your Dreams
irisshao823 2017-2-22 21:49
Last Saturday, I watched the recent blockbuster, La La Land , directed by Damien Chazelleand starred by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. The story happened in Los Angeles. Mia (Emma Stone) is a girl dreaming to be an actress, and would like to try every auction in order to act in a movie. But she is kept being refused in nearly six years. Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is obsessed with traditional jazz, and wishes to start a jazz pub, where only traditional jazz is played, ...
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Share After Failing Post Graduate Exam
irisshao823 2017-2-16 21:58
The scores for 2017 entrance exam for Master’s Degree were released yesterday, and unfortunately I failed the test. First I feel very bad. I worked a lot to prepare for this exam, after all. However, this is the reality that I must accept. Then I began to think about the reasons. I realized that I did not work hard enough. In the past year, I kept thinking that there were still much time, and told myself to take it easy. When I wanted to play games or watch movies, I hinted mysel ...
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Share Spring in the Summer Palace
irisshao823 2016-3-30 22:51
Spring in the Summer Palace
Spring in Beijing is extremely beautiful, with trees turning green, flowers blossoming and swallows flying back from the south. I still remember the descriptions of spring in my primary school text book, “The spring breeze comes. Then the willows turn green, the peach flowers bloom and show their pink petals. Then the swallows come back from south and the frogs wake up from the hibernation. It is breezing softly and the drizzling quietly…” It was sunny la ...
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Share Live a Harmonious Life with the Nature
irisshao823 2016-2-15 21:47
Recently, I am reading a book named as “Wolf Totem”. It was said that it is to be the first book describing the wolf in China. The story took place in grassland of Inner Mongolia , where people lead a primitive nomadic life. Mongolia n people kill many wolves each year to protect their livestock, but meanwhile worship this wild animal, taking them as the god’s messengers. Their bodies would be eaten by wolves, instead of buried into earth. In this way, accordi ...
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Share Being Single on Valentine’s Day
irisshao823 2016-2-14 23:16
I can’t remember since when Valentine’s Day became popular in China. Each year on this day, you can see young girls selling roses on streets and the exits of subways, shopping malls covered with pink and red, and many young men holding bunch of flowers waiting for their lovers. Girls are so happy when they received flowers and chocolates, and young men are happier when they find that they can make their beauties happy. Sweetness and love are the theme of the whole world. ...
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Share Career Life in a Fortune 500
irisshao823 2016-2-2 21:37
Career Life in a Fortune 500
In December, I wrote an article named “When a Fortune 500 crashes with Chinese culture”, describing “company bureaucracy”. Many readers commented it and gave me many good advices, and I would like to thank all of you for reading my article. Meanwhile, I am very sorry that my article conveyed something that is not positive. And in this article, I would like to give a brief introduction to the career life in a Fortune 500. Promotion opportunity is always a ...
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Share The first festival in the last lunar month—Laba Festival
irisshao823 2016-1-17 23:05
The first festival in the last lunar month—Laba Festival
Today is Laba Festival in the Year Goat. La (the forth tone in Chinese) stands for the last lunar month, Layue; And ba (the first tone in Chinese) means “the eighth day”. Many places in China would eat Laba gruel, a kind of porridge with rice and many other beans, nuts or some others, based on personal taste. In my hometown, eight kinds of materials are needed. But according to one text from my primary school book, the gruel needs eighteen kinds of ingredients, to memorize the ei ...
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Share A Princess Does Not Equal To Princess Tendencies
irisshao823 2016-1-11 23:12
Last weekend, I met a female friend whom I haven’t seen for a long time. When I saw her at the selected point, she had two bags on her hands. So I offered to help. Then she gave me the two bags, which was totally not the right manner in China. And then we drank coffee together, and talked a lot. Two hours later, she was going home. Then I got a bigger surprise. She asked me to go to the subway station with her, because the bags were too heavy, and I was supposed to hold the bags ...
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Share Four Tips to Protect Our Teeth
irisshao823 2016-1-10 22:47
If you ask me what the most impressive thing in 2015 is, I will say that I have got five teeth removal, four of which were wisdom teeth and one decayed tooth. And I also had root canal therapy, a treatment to save your tooth when your tooth’s pulp has been infected. I can’t remember how many times I have been to the stomatology hospital. Most of my annual leaves were spent in waiting for the dentists’ treatment and the treatment itself. Chinese stomatolo ...
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