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La La Land Tells Us: Hold On Your Dreams

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Last Saturday, I watched the recent blockbuster, La La Land, directed by Damien Chazelleand starred by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. The story happened in Los Angeles.

Mia (Emma Stone) is a girl dreaming to be an actress, and would like to try every auction in order to act in a movie. But she is kept being refused in nearly six years. Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is obsessed with traditional jazz, and wishes to start a jazz pub, where only traditional jazz is played, and the musicians would play anything they want without asked by others. However, no one wants to listen to jazz but old people. Down and out as he is, he still refuses to play popular music in restaurants. As a result, the man is fired by a pub manager at Christmas, when the two persons with unrealistic dreams meet.

They share their own dreams, enjoy old movies, dance with jazz, and encourage each other to hold on dreams. But the reality is cruel. To make a living, Sebastian joins a band, and has to go on world tours. The couple was less like each other than before. Mia blames Sebastian for not staying true with his original dream; while Sebastian insists what he does is good for their relationship.

Then Mia stages a one-man act, which no one would like to see and someone even seriously criticized her performance. This becomes her last straw. She decides to abandon her actress dream, and goes back to the reality, as most people think. But Sebastian encourages her to continue, and finally she becomes one of the most popular actresses. And Sebastian also starts his jazz pub as he always wishes. They both make it, and their love does not, however. I am not fond of the ending, actually. But as my friend said, this kind of movie is always not perfect.

But I do love the spirit of not giving up. Most people can insist with their dreams at first, and would like to work hard. Then you would find out that nothing is so easy, with failures coming and going, and people begin to mock your dreams. Even your family and friends starts to say, wake up and get real. Most people can’t bear these and choose to give up. In fact, I think this moment is often called the darkness before dawn. Just go ahead, and you may see the bright future. But 90% of us turn around at this point. That’s why success is so precious, and is also the crowning glory for people with the greatest determination.

Besides, the romantic dancing in sunset also impressed many movie fans. USA today even invites the dancing director to teach you the steps of the tap dance, performed by the couple in the movie.

Now we can also practice the steps and invite our partners to have a romantic dance, like the couple in the movie.

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Reply Report HailChina! 2017-2-23 16:57
My dream is to see US society collapse and for USA to lose reserve currency status. Movies like LA LA Land are part of my Dark Night hopefully. You could never believe how much I hate Pharrel Williams. I bet he is happy.

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