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Share Girls' Day
JasmineLuobo 2016-3-8 12:30
Girls' Day
When entering into university, a thrilling thing introduced to me is the celebration of Girls' Day when girls may feel free to make use of all privilege, and boys are at girls' service. Therefore, this day is also called Queen's Day, from which we can know it is much more romantic than Single's Day, a.k.a. Boys' Day. Celebration can be various but surprises are unavoidable. From morning to evening, the resounding and repeated confessions of boys outside dorm building pull ...
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Share The path I chose
JasmineLuobo 2016-2-15 23:36
The path I chose
Three days ago, I reckon, I went out with my sister. The so-called went-out is just going shopping and that’s all, but such an activity has never failed to excite us. The simple joy in it is that we can go to wherever we’d like to go, even without a goal. Trying on clothes is always our priority of going out and then eating. We can hardly get tired from hanging around. And on going backing home, we choose the most healthy, economical and environmentally-friendly way—walking. On ...
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Share Customs and taboos at my hometown during spring festival
JasmineLuobo 2016-2-15 23:05
Customs and taboos at my hometown during spring festival
Guonian surely means lucky money and snacks, but the taboos people are required to avoid are as much as the customs should be abided by. At my hometown, the rituals are simplified to the extent that, as I reckon, only eating chicken and visiting relatives are maintained. And the most complicated one should be preparing for family reunion dinner, burning incense and worship at the temple. Speaking of the reunion dinner, a typical one should include chic ...
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Share It's the exam period!
JasmineLuobo 2016-1-12 00:03
It's the exam period!
As we usher the exam period, students flood to the library and "chanted" those unillegible lines, ambitious to cram all of them into their minds in a single day before the exam. Though it's the usual practice that students should memorize whatever teachers told they to remember, I'm not criticizing the educational system of our country--it has suffered a lot of criticisms such that one or two more would do no harm to it and just leads to some echoes or some oppositions. Students are tru ...
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Share when Christmas comes to town
JasmineLuobo 2015-12-28 19:15
when Christmas comes to town
--Christmas is coming! --Why are you so exciting? --Because it's Christmas! You know, Christmas!! I have to admit that I was sort of excited when Christmas trees were erected in shopping mall, when streets were inundatedwithsanta stickers. However, after a second thought, I couldn't figure out why Chinese, especially the younger generation should be so crazy about this festival. Surely we welcome cross-cultural communication which is getting more ...
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Share An epiphayny a message evoked
JasmineLuobo 2015-12-16 23:51
Today my aunt added me as a Wechat friend and sent me a message. The message said that she is now working as a cleaner at a school so she gets up five o' clock in the morning. Though only several lines, her trait of diligence and her concern for me was palpable. Emigrating to Canada in 1990s, my aunt didn't come back China until I was twelve, but I was too little then to remember how we talked with each other--she came and left, my meeting with her was not longer than thirty minu ...
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Share 2015-12-16
JasmineLuobo 2015-12-16 00:02
Passion makes great things (Pending for approval) 2015-12-15 23:56 | System category: Life | university , literature , knowledge , nothing , English Long before I entered university, I dreamed about lingering among the book shelves, having a heated discussion on book review with a group of English literature fanatics, and traveling around China to visit my middle school classmates. I asked nothing more than the haven for my insatiable appetite f ...
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Share "Cram" for 800-meter race
JasmineLuobo 2015-11-25 21:08
"Cram" for 800-meter race
Someone said, “If a person persists to do one thing successively in 21days, it will become his/her habit. ” I don't see much truth in this sentence because every time I made up my mind to test against this saying, I quit before the 21th day, rather than holding on and letting it work its magic. I guess it is not my weak willpower that spoils such expectation, but the thing I striving for is not significant enough. So when the sports meeting was coming and I entered for Women's 800 ...
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Share Red Wine A
JasmineLuobo 2015-11-22 22:11
Red Wine A
This week I had a red wine appreciation class given by Mr. Zhang. What made this class special was not that it was about red wine, but about sharing of life experiences and stories and perception for life brought by such communion. At first Mr. Zhang introduced us to some basic steps--checking the legs, taking a deep breath and a sip. Just a breath introduced me to the flavor that was a little bit sour and spicy, then I hesitated taking a tiny sip. I didn't feel much when it ...
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Share Double Eleven
JasmineLuobo 2015-11-13 00:12
It was really thrilling waiting for coming of November 11th and count down. My roomates have put their goods into the shopping cart and can't wait to press th button of "Submit Order." Ma Yun has successfully made double eleven the world carnival--the transaction was reported to be more than ninety-one billion yuan ended 24 o'clock on November 11th. Some netizens joked that we are all the woman behind Ma Yun. A joke as it is, it does make sense when we spent days searching for ...
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