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Share What the feeling of loving someone?
1397609108 2015-12-5 20:27
What the feeling of loving someone?
Once I thought fall in love with a boy for me is a long thing for me, but now I am bothered by the strange feeling that I haven't tell it's just friend-like or boy friend-like one. It's like a haunting ghost in mind and never go away. He is one of my high school classmates. When I was in high school, I never talk too much, not even talk to any boys. I was too shy to speak with a boy, therefore, at that time, study is everything I know there. Because it's the first time I ...
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1397609108 2015-11-21 20:50
After many experiences of separation of good friends and someone who are very important to me, I have deeply found that time is so precious for us. It gives us not very long time to stay with the persons appearing in our lives, and we don' t even know when will they leave us or disappear . Therefore, cherishing became the most priority in our lives. I always believe that people will never escape the situation--separation. Cherishing the days with the ones who stay with us , trying to do somethin ...
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Share Is there a person whom we can talk everything with exist in our life ?
1397609108 2015-11-11 23:27
Is there a person whom we can talk everything with exist in our life ?
Is there a person whom we can talk everything with exist in our life? Maybe the answer is no although I hope he is there just not appear. 搜索 复制 Every time I talk with people, I find myself was so depressed. Because I always prevent myself saying things Itruly want to say. Even they are the closest persons in my life, such as parents, siblings, friends and so on. No matter whom we talk with, there are always something subtle in our heart to stop us to lose con ...
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Share Some doubts in my mind about belief.
1397609108 2015-11-9 21:11
Some doubts in my mind about belief.
I have some friends who are believe in God. They always want me to believe in god, too. Although I hold that Bible is a good book to read , but I don't think I could have the same belief like them. Despite I always believe the important role that God play in their everyday life, the time I think alone I cannot feel it as strong as them be. Every time they invite me to get together with their friends, I was so worried without any reason. Though I want to learn Bible with them, and I don't ...
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