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Share Protect privacy, get liberty
renhong 2018-3-23 18:55
Some people think that privacy and liberty are synonym. Without privacy, without liberty. Some people think that privacy and liberty are antonym, even though you try to protect privacy, but you still in the situation of trap and scandal. Because you can not control the private information leaking. In my view, we need to overcome difficulties in order to protect privacy and get liberty. On the one hand, for individuals, we must raise awareness and protect our privacy. In particular, the privat ...
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Share 2010 World Exposition
renhong 2018-3-23 18:00
World Exposition is the gallery that aims to display the human's inspirations and thoughts. From The Universal Industrial Exposition in London in 1851, the World Exposition are regarded as the grand exchange event in the industry of economic, technology and culture, and achieved increasing significant meaning. It is an important platform, on this stage, each country exhibits their development experience, the ideas of exchange and creation, promote team spirit, looking forward to future together. ...
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Share Plagiarism ruins reputation and lose personal credibility
renhong 2018-3-23 16:27
Plagiarism can be found frequently in the academic field, under the huge pressure, the professors and students have to plagiarize other's academic papers and thoughts to fabricate their own papers and books. I strongly oppose the way of publishing books and papers by plagiarizing others. But I want to discuss the negative reflection of plagiarism in the field. First of all, plagiarism must be considered as illegal behavior, the plagiarist must be sued and investigated by the original authors ...
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Share On travel
renhong 2018-3-23 15:55
I believe that nobody dislike to go travel to different places: look at more people, visit more places, not only get to know the world, but also recognize yourself. Somebody travel by luxury cruise. Xie Lingyun might do the same thing if he is still alive. Somebody travel with their backpacks, tramp over mountains and ravines; somebody travel around the world with bicycle. I am jealous with all of these ways of travel. What I am good at is to travel by car, drive my car and see the furthest corn ...
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Share We live, we change
renhong 2018-3-23 14:29
Steve Jobs was defined as an innovative entrepreneur by consumers and media. The key of his success is to keep creativity on the new product with cutting-edge technology. He aims to change the world through a series of Apple products, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac book Pro, TV and so on. There is no denying that these products surely change the world and create a better world for people. Indeed, Steve Jobs didn't cling to outdated customs, he devoted himself and led the team to innovate ser ...
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Share Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, keep you stay ahead
renhong 2018-3-23 13:20
Stay hungry, stay foolish is a maxim that comes from Steve Jobs. He gave his best known speech on Stanford Commencement in 2005. At the end of the speech, he said it to the entire graduates. In different context, there are various ways to interpret it. In my view, Steve Jobs intends to inspire all people to pursue their dream, never stop and give up. Specifically, if you have ambition, keep hungry to make it come to true. Steve Jobs is an eminent entrepreneur and industrial designer, he alway ...
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Share Knowledge is infinite
renhong 2018-3-23 09:35
From elementary school to middle school, we just learned common knowledge. Even though four years at university, the course which we had been taught is fairly superficial knowledge. People always name the university as "the supreme institution", the title is easy to be misunderstand, it seems like there is no knowledge after you finished learning. The study at university is the essence of primary study, it can be identified as the rough study in a particular field, the key point of this study is ...
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Share An overhaul of national holiday system
renhong 2018-2-11 23:36
Chinese government has announced a crucial overhaul of our national holiday system. The traditional national holidays like Tomb-sweeping Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival will be chosen and became national holidays. At the same time, the three days holiday of May Day will be cut into one day. Some opposed the announcement and criticized that it is ridiculous to add the above three festivals, while other people debated that it is a significant method to inherit traditional cu ...
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Share Is online newspaper your choice?
renhong 2018-2-11 22:56
How can you get the latest news? Traditional newspapers or online newspapers? The majority of readers will choose online newspaper. The modern people have fast-pace life, they don't have enough time to curl up in their favorite armchairs and circle items of interest. As I known, most of the elders like to use scissors and snip out articles and stick them on the notebook in order to gather important materials that they want to use someday. However, people have changed their reading habit. Except ...
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Share On the interpretation of love
renhong 2018-2-7 16:21
When we talk about the danger of romantic love, we don't want to express the obvious heartbreak, such as ashamed betrayals, the broken promises, we want to point out the potential risks under the dogmatic idea, romantic love is the final goal for the modern women,which will be trusted as the truth by sensible, educated women. For this group of women, they are good at observing the real case around their friends and colleagues. Their empirical side plays the major role when theyf ...
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