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“It is very easy to make your life harder, but it is very hard to make your life easier.”

How easy it is for us to make our life harder?

You wake up in the morning and you are already irritated with the first person you see, immediately start arguments with people around you, park your car in someone else’s parking spot and start insulting people for no reason. The week goes on and you procrastinate on doing your homework or office work, start taking loans you don’t need, start eating and drinking opposite to your doctor’s advice. Every action seems like it is making your life easy, but in fact, it keeps getting harder through these actions.


On the other hand, to make your life easier, you have to pass through one difficult task to another. You will have to climb many mountains of harshness. Everything you do with ease wasn’t easy to create.


For example, the round wheels on your car make it easy for you travel from one place to another, but you can’t imagine the amount of hard work that goes into creating those perfectly round wheels. Hundreds of scientists spend their lives looking for such materials which will make the most efficient rim, so the weight of car won’t break it and the stones on the road don’t bend it. Hundreds of laboratories are working day and night to achieve the better and better equilibrium between rims and tires. Many scientists are dedicated to making tires which can work perfectly in summer, winter, rain and snow. This is just one example of something that we use everyday that makes our lives easier, but was complex to create. Like a modern wheel, people must put in a lot of work to eventually create an easier path. 


There are so many seemingly small ways to make your life ultimately easier.  If you stop lying, you don’t have to work to cover the lies up; if you are always on time you won’t be risking your job or friendships over time, if you follow the laws, you won’t spend time worrying about fines or even jail. Showing respect to your family, neighbors and and elders will give people cause to help you and not work against you. Avoid unnecessary harmful habits such as smoking, drinking and gambling which steal your money and health. Remain positive, be patient and develop the habit of forgiving. This will give you peace of mind. We keep making our life harder by doing these things wrong because it appears to be the easy thing to do at that moment.


Have you ever thought that instead of waiting for sales and waiting for things to get cheaper we could increase our income? But in order to increase our income we have to develop skills and education for the work, prove our honesty in the workplace, exhibit discipline and restraint.


Have you ever thought why many choose committing suicide over life? It’s because living is hard and dying is easy. In order to live you have to compete with others, and grow as a person. To kill yourself, it’s just one moment of pain and it’s finished. 


Have you ever thought why people are jealous of others rather than being happy for their achievements? Because in order to be happy you have to be awake and alive, while jealousy can be done lying on bed doing nothing. Have you ever thought why many believe in charm bracelets over medications? Because you have to take the medications and also take all the precautions and keep yourself away from all the prohibited stuff, while the charm bracelet, you just put it on your wrist and think the problem is solved.


We always prefer the easy way in the moment even when it makes our lives harder eventually. We prefer dying over living because in order to stay alive we need to work hard, and we don’t want to put in the effort. Hard things are easy and easy things are hard for us. 

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  • A Lesson 2016-6-21 00:36

    Thanks a lot for your feedbacks, keep reading and supporting my writing. Together we will.

  • A Lesson 2016-6-21 00:35

    BlondeAmber: Life is rarely so black and white.
    A 'good' person might do bad things but think they are justified in order to achieve a 'good' result.
    For example a ...
    Thanks for your feedback.
    I do agree with you but a person is good or bad based on his actions, if a good person is doing bad actions it's possible that might be a cover of goodness to hide the darkness inside.
    Same if a bad person is doing good deeds , he's not a bad person that's what his image is. Only a pure heart and a positive mind can lead towards good deeds and positive actions.
    We're no one to judge anyone. Actually nobody is bad , it's only their actions or deeds which makes them bad, if we separate their bad actions from them they'll be the same good person. It all depends on how a person feels deep inside his heart.

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