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2019-7-26 15:59
Bruce Chan 2016.9.30 CA Since the first moment we met, I have already sensed THE feeling in us. In your eyes, however, I could also read out helpless, for realistic factors or the so-called self-discipline. The end is we both lost courage to follow inner voice, the deep feeling from soul. I didn’t even dare to look at your hoping eyes any more. Gradually, waking up and researching on the path you disappeared, nothing but emptiness left in front of me and inside my heart. ...
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2019-7-26 15:58
Bruce Chan 2016.11.12 Mid-night Quarreling is still on accumulating. So is tiredness. Decaying love and collapsing intimacy. Mood is transferring gradually. So is focus. Magnify trivial problems, in order to end the relationship quickly and simply. Soon dazzling memories turn into ashes. The only thing after calming down, however, is loneliness and emptiness. The one too capricious doesn’t deserve being regretful. If no big deal, enduring the pain, continue the re ...
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2019-7-26 15:57
Date: 2017.3.4 Midnight I need a roomy belong-to-myself house. Filled with sunshine, quietly feel its warm. Slowly grievance drops tears down one by one. Even if it goes too far, no need to restrain myself. I usually open window alone, and face up to the blue sky. Unable to get through to this loneliness-averse performance. Tonight, I am standing on the beach more and more obscure in memory. Stirring water surface, only find out your unchangeab ...
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2019-7-26 15:57
28th Jan. 2019 mid night Bruce Chan You said, breaking up is the best ending. No more hurting to each other. You said, it’s a mistake since beginning. Give freedom back to you, and no more obsession. I thought it’s something wrong I did, making you so heartrending. Only after breaking up with you, got it that not only me in your heart. Only then got through that the one winning your heart is not me. I just owned a corner on edges. No matter how much devoted or given, impossible ...
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2019-7-26 15:56
Bruce Chan 22nd Mar. 2019 Anything wrong? You look so serene. What troubles in front of you? I asked again and again, but still no response yet. It’s on me, unable to get you out. Too many words hidden in heart, some are doomed in there forever. Feel the chill from your inner world; concern you might cry out in wind. Let me read you now. No more loneliness you should have. Let me be aware of what seed buried in you ...
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2019-7-26 15:55
29th Mar. 2019 It’s said friends are crucial outside. With one standing by, even a simple smile would be satisfying. Time and tide await no one. On my deep mind, in front of such a luxurious world, who can still persist on being indifferent? Braver and braver, my friend! Even with no rainbow tomorrow after the storm, sunshine at least will be in store, shining your inner sky. Braver and braver, my friend! Take care of yourself, when alone. Recollecting tri ...
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Share The Farthest You, My Closest Love
2019-7-26 15:55
The Farthest You, My Closest Love 15thApr. 2019 Night coming, to whom to pour feelings. Unwilling to return, all love have been missed. Don’t mock me for being coward. I can never get through why could become so indifferent. After storming, no matter to be together or not. Encountering by a slim chance, yet you’ve given me so much. You shielded chill in every winter, leaving warm around me. Frosting and loneliness end up withering and dying in your arms. Life views are cont ...
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Share Whole Life Beloved
2019-7-26 15:54
From now to the last day of my life, what passed would never come back. Fallen leaves buried into soil deeply and forever. Suffering sea waves with passed love and loss. In the world, hard to escape out the destiny. Be attracted, but unable to be closed. I should call this fate. Gone away, and never come back. Sitting alone high, watch wind and dust blowing relentlessly. All flowers wither and die. But all would blossom again, for you. A whole life of love is still awaiting you on the ed ...
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Share The brightest star in night sky
2017-5-11 11:00
Author: Bruce Chan Date: 2017.4.29 Midnight Whether or not you can hear of the loneliness and sign from the one looking up, the brightest star in night sky? Whether or not you can remember of the shadow once with me fading away in wind. I’m always praying for a pure soul, and a pair of tearful eyes. Bring me the courage of trusting again. Cross deceit line to retake you into arms. Every time I cannot find the meaning of existence, every moment I get lost in darkne ...
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2015-10-29 11:05
Translated by Bruce Chan 2015/3/9 Midnight New ring still fades in the end. How many years passed? Silently, it’s getting dark. It’s time we collected memories. Any more talking cannot take us back. Anything thereafter doesn’t make any sense, though a clear mind of the days of being with you. For a while after breaking up, I hided far away. Finally, the storm was gone. Slowly I began to get through what I could not before. Now, your unfa ...
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      • REUNITE TOO LATE 2019-8-13 19:52

        i would suggest that you don't call this a blog, which as Searu points out, is of personal thoughts and experiences.
        this is more just creative writing.

        do continue, but at least be clear about your objectives in writing.

      • REUNITE TOO LATE 2019-8-11 10:53

        x6174: Just lyrics! Personal hobby!
        In the blog-space we should post more personal things to the public. Or no sense for bloging!

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