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Share salaried day
2015-7-20 21:16
today should be certainly a pleasant day .but a bad news influence my mood and my colleagues .why? can not get my salary on time.that is very disappointed.i have worked for 6years.until now. never come across like this issue.i heard our boss property account is blocked. oh my god. can not believe that.what happened.the local court has published law and my boss can not used himself money.the key reason is my boss did not deal with his private emontion issue .several years ago.he divorced with his ...
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Share Fishing seasons
2015-7-9 15:54
In tian-jin,more and more peoples go fishing in summer,thereis one superior conditionto support their fishing habit. that is hai-river.once you arrived in tian-jin,you will see a special landscape,lots of peoples sit beside hai-river and fishing,actually,what they fishing is not for eating,one main reason is for relaxation one of my neighbours also like fishing very much,he came from wuhan city of hubei province .i think that is one reason that h ...
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Share Traffic jam
2015-7-7 15:36
i have no idea about how to deal with traffic jam. in china.traffic jam is getting worse and worse. more and more ppls can afford a my has published two laws to porhibt the increasing of cars. First-Timely implementation of single-line limited. second-license plate lottery Until now.Seem no obviously effect about reduce the number of cars. Hoping our country can take some more strictly measures about it . wishing our dream will come true in the future
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Share Graduated for 7 years
2015-7-7 14:53
Until now, i have graduated for 6years from my college,Looking backmy university life , Be full of emotion.6years ago, l left xi'an of shaanxi province by train. when my got on train ,with tears in my eyes. because it was time to say goodbye to my best friends and my classmates.with much more unwillingness in my heart,whatever.we all had to face farewell. we will enter an new stage of life. that is society. Today most of us have been married and havea baby.Communication ...
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