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Malaysia oh my Malaysia

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Malaysia is a country with various race and religions. Its a melting pot of various cultures and culinary. People are friendly and its a great place to see how various cultures interact and integrate. If you ever want to go for a good vacation.. Malaysia would be great.. awesome beaches, great food.. and best of all .. now its cheaper. Oh before i forget .. they have very good singing artists too (notably Sheila)

Politics in this country however is a different situation altogether. Politicians here to me are the worst kind of people that walk the face of the Malaysian soil. Why ?

The current government has been ruling the country for the past 50 or so years. They forefathers have done a great job leading the country to where it is now. But the current set of leaders.. have terribly failed in many aspects and promises  made during the elections were never fulfilled.. even worst .. made the situation even worst. Failed to the extent.. that the previous leaders are campaigning for the current leadership to step down.

Lets take a look at the situation.

1. The devaluation of the Ringgit (Malaysian currency).. in 2010 it was RM 3 to USD 1.. in 2015 its RM 3.8 to USD 1. Yes this will be great for FDI and tourism but what does it spell for the locals ? Rise in cost of living..

2. Fuel price increase. In 2010 the price of fuel was at RM 1.90 per liter in 2015 its RM 2.1 per liter.. But the cost of crude oil per barrel was averaging USD 90 to 100 in 2010 and now its averaging at USD 60. Does this make sense? Government subsidy or people subsidizing the government.

3. The increase in household expenditure (inflation). Due to increase in domestic price indices of the everyday goods , the average items have been increased to adjust for the lost. This is greatly effecting the spending power of the people. The poor will indefinitely get poor and it will be downward cyclical effect.

4. Average household income has not improved.

5. Promoting racial division from School - THIS has to be the reason that will destroy the country.. have you heard of implosion.. there you go.. this will be the cause. How can the politicians claim and Shout the slogan 1 MALAYSIA when the core of the country's policy call for separation ? I don't understand the need for Tamil, Chinese, Religious schools .. all this should be integrated to be one national school. If we are separated from young and taught its bad.. or the other races are bad.. then what would you get ? The ministers kids are not sent to local schools.. that makes one ask why ??

6. Every time the politicians are in trouble they will use the racial card. Effectively fanning racial hatred and discrimination. The average men and women of the country are great people.. i can vouch for that but like every other country.. there are hard liners that cause trouble.

7. Politicians lack responsibility and "grey matter" .. Ministers of the government are looked up when there is a need to clarify and as a guide. But the Malaysian ministers are no where near people to be looked up to. Sometimes you wonder how can government servants afford such a lavish lifestyle.. big cars, big houses, expensive watches.. When there is a problem.. everyone else is to blame rather than the lazy politicians.

8. The authority.. Local law enforcement.. Crime rate is high.. gangs run around with guns, piracy is terrible, human trafficking, corruption ... the list never ends... and to top it off.. they waste good government resources not investigating the people that cause the trouble but people that highlight the trouble. The 1MDB debacle is good enough reason.

9. WHERE IS MH370 ?

All the above is purely due to mismanagement of a beautiful country with god blessed resources and great culture. I hope for the best for this country.. i hope the people wake up and not fall for the same old antics the current leading politicians pull when they are in trouble.

Its time for change.. and i hope the people realise this.

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