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Share Graduates Dilemma - Property - Shanghai
rameshnair 2015-7-27 12:13
Graduates Dilemma - Property - Shanghai
I am astonished by the growth capacity of China the past 2 decades. What was once considered a nation of marred with tragedies has risen up to take its place amongst the best. However the growth of such magnitude has its pitfalls. It has been the GDP and nothing but focusing on the GDP for the past few decades and with that comes its cost.. rising cost of living, pollution and countless other troubles. However, it is to note that all nations have similar troubles and no single nation has been ...
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Share Crude Oil will loose its shine
rameshnair 2015-7-22 10:31
Crude Oil will loose its shine
LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) has been in the horizon for the past few decades as an alternative fuel to crude oil. Japan has been using it to reduce the dependance of its industries on crude and indirectly reducing the pollution. It is now clear that LNG has the higher combustion capability and is a lesser pollution generating fuel source. Considering the benefits that Japan is reaping, many countries are moving forward in implementing the usage of LNG as a fuel source. Qatar has been leading t ...
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