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Share For religion they say..
rameshnair 2015-11-23 11:52
Without Prejudice :) start rant .. Islam, Judaism and Christianity is linked to its core. ie both believe in the same system with its origin from Abrahamic roots.. angels and demons, heaven and hell, coming of Christ and etc. So if you say ISLAM is evil.. that will also make Christianity and its associated group evil. There is no two way about it. The origin of the religion is from the middle east. The current source of conflict, and has been for ages. People there have been in power ...
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Share Malaysia oh my Malaysia
rameshnair 2015-7-21 11:06
Malaysia is a country with various race and religions. Its a melting pot of various cultures and culinary. People are friendly and its a great place to see how various cultures interact and integrate. If you ever want to go for a good vacation.. Malaysia would be great.. awesome beaches, great food.. and best of all .. now its cheaper. Oh before i forget .. they have very good singing artists too (notably Sheila) Politics in this country however is a different situation altogether. Politicians ...
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