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Share If Chinese dolls could talk ... RnB style
2015-5-2 21:35
If Chinese dolls could talk ... RnB style
Inspired from THE greatest comic artist in the world.....Oatmeal the comic (everyone please bow down and kiss the ground for 5 seconds as a mark of respect). The Oatmeal, though funny, loves to be revered. Are you bowing down yet?! I can see youuuuuu..... Jade: Hey girlfriend, whaddup? Teak: Nothin much, just hanging here by the lotus pond. How's your week been? Jade: Been hipster cool. Saturday was the Raise the Red Lantern carnival. Omaigawd i just lurve all those bright red lanterns, don ...
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Share Pandas: The cute, the bad & the ugly
2015-5-2 19:56
Pandas: The cute, the bad & the ugly
CUTE....cutesy pooo Panda O Panda, why art thou so cute O Panda? Are you Jack Black morphed in an animal form? With the body of a sun bear, eyes like a raccoon and fur of that of a koala.....what in the world IS a panda bear? Well, it's not just a giant fur ball of cuteness. The giant panda 大熊猫 or "big bear cat" is a bear native to south central China . Withlarge, distinctive black patches a ...
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Share Chinese women wear the pants: true or false?
2015-4-30 15:00
Chinese women wear the pants: true or false?
So i joined a day tour to the Great 3s in Beijing....Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace. Our tour guide Li shared abit on the local culture and as a married man believes that in the modern China, the women wear the pants. Hmm, i found that really interesting. So i did some research on popular website to see what i could find....are there evidence that Chinese women are truly rising to power in the global context? Forbes World's 100 Most Powerful Female Figures in 201 ...
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Share Black pearls and angel's tear drops
2015-4-30 13:36
Black pearls and angel's tear drops
"According to early Chinese civilization, pearls symbolizes wisdom acquired through years of experience and struggles. These luminescent spheres are believed to attract wealth and luck as well as offer protection. Known for their calming effect, pearls can balance one's karma, strengthen relationships, and keep children safe. The pearl is also said to symbolize the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer. Black pearls, were believed to ...
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Share Is Qipao the sexiest Chinese dress?
2015-4-29 15:21
Is Qipao the sexiest Chinese dress?
Qipao. 中国的杰作. 旗袍 I fell totally in love with qipao on my recent trip to China in April 2015. When i was younger, i remember seeing my mom and grandmother don these elegant dresses. But I did not know how to appreciate its beauty back then. Yes, I knew it was a dress rich with history and heritage, but i could not see my scrawny 14 year old self back then doing much justice to this dress. So now I am 37 years old, with bodily metamorphosis and possibly more well endowe ...
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Share Red Glory in China
2015-4-29 14:41
Red Glory in China
Red Door 红门. The color red denotes so many meaning in ancient and modern China. 1. Red is used as the background color of the People's Republic of China and SAR flags. 2. Red is boldly painted on the main gates of ancient heritage sites like the Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven. 3. Red is the chosen color for the doors of ancient Hutongs, almost boldly welcoming visitors into their humble warm homes. 4. Red was the color used during Chairman Mao's ...
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Share Zhū 珠 Pearl: The book that climbed up the Great Wall of China
2015-4-29 12:01
Zhū 珠 Pearl: The book that climbed up the Great Wall of China
Hi my lovely 朋友 in China and around the world! Greetings from Sībǎo 思宝, I'm a traveling International Author with Penguin Randomhouse UK. My origin is Canton, Guangzhou! On 9th April 2015, I had one of the best hikes of my life! I brought my new book Zhū 珠 Pearl: Daughters of War to climb up the Great Wall at Badaling point. WOW! It was such a wonderful experience! I remember my first time to the Great Wall was back in 2000. I forgot which secti ...
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Share Cruising along Pearl River as a Mother's Day tribute
2015-4-29 11:35
Cruising along Pearl River as a Mother's Day tribute
Hi! My name is Jasemin Sibo, Sībǎo 思宝. I am a resident of Australia where i graduated with a Masters of Commerce degree specializing in International Business. My origin is Canton and my ancestral village is Zhongsan, Guangzhou. On 14th April 2015 i visited Guangzhou for the first time in my life and took a cruise along Pearl River to marvel at its beautiful sights. It was a sentimental journey as it brought back memories of my late mother. She was born in Guangzhou during the Chines ...
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  • Is Qipao the sexiest Chinese dress? 2019-12-2 13:37

    Cheongsam looks great. I recently bought one on

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    seneca: A film script? Maybe. Perhaps. But compelling??? Your imagination is too conventional: the guy always has to bad, a victimiser; the girl innocent, a v ...
    Bollywood? Why not?!

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