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Share Old snake vs. young snake: Zen?
2015-5-17 19:34
Old snake vs. young snake: Zen?
So after few months of discrete underhanded tactics (e.g. adding cockrach legs onto my food, dipping one's toothbrush in the toilet bowl waters, smear campaigns, undermining the other's credibility etc.) i think all this gotto be put to an end. Whilst it's quite hilarious and fun to try to outwit each other, the mature side of me is yanking at my heart strings. Putting myself in her shoes, i can see how i've made her feel insecure and doubt her relevance in the family. If i was 65 years o ...
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Share Why do some Chinese families see their kids as commodities?!
2015-5-13 14:40
Why do some Chinese families see their kids as commodities?!
I don't know whether it's just me......but ever since I've moved back to Asia to live and work I've been feeling more like a cattle than a human being. The common annoying questions most family members and friends ask me would be: 1. So how much money you have made? 2. Which company are you attached to now? 3. What other assets you have hiding inside the closet? 4. Who are you dating? (Hint: you better be dating a 'someone' or is obscenely loaded else how are WE suppose to milk them dr ...
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Share *BURP* Your dumplings were delicious!
2015-5-12 13:49
*BURP* Your dumplings were delicious!
*BURP* *BUUUUUUUURP* *BURPPP* I thought i was listening to an orchestra but i was actually sitting inside a Chinese restaurant and people around me were burping out loud almost like a harmonious symphonic fashion. In my house i would've been smacked by my parents for being rude. But in China (and even in Japan i heard) it is a sign of approval of the chef's cooking! The louder the burp, the happier the guest! I almost burst out laughing as i saw the young and old, toddlers and g ...
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Share Why do Chinese people talk so LOUD?!
2015-5-7 19:00
Why do Chinese people talk so LOUD?!
I was on a subway train in Singapore and i could actually hear a PRC (i can tell from their distinctive accent) 3 carriages away. Two PRCs chatting about the movie they watched the previous night, where most of the passengers including moi became the unwitting listeners. If you haven't tried the subway in the Red Dot, let me just say it can be as quiet as your neighbourhood library. Singaporeans just do not chat when they commute, be it on the train, bus or even walking side by side on the road. ...
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Share Of phoenix dresses, empress gowns and panties-less frocks
2015-5-6 15:32
Of phoenix dresses, empress gowns and panties-less frocks
So the mother of all fashion art events, some say, was just a few days ago. Held at the MET with the theme China - Through the Looking Glass, curated by Mr. Wong Kar Wai himself of course drew in paparazzis and glitteratis from all corners of the world. There is no doubt that China is making strong headway not only in the economical and political sense, but in the fine arts and fashion space as well. Whilst for many moons non Westernspheres have emulate the pop culture, hipster, cool trends ...
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Share Old snake vs. young snake. Why women fight
2015-5-5 17:02
Old snake vs. young snake. Why women fight
Ok so this morning i got involved in a bit of a tiff with my dad's 2nd wife. I don't know whether it's because we are both born in the year of the snake (the older one always trying to devour the younger one), a case of Cinderella and her evil stepmother syndrome or plain clash of the roaring estrogen. The old snake She is mid 60s, married at 47 years old as she was 'saving herself for the right one' (read: gold digger) and still living in a Chinese feudal era in the 21st century. ...
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2015-5-4 10:21
Phoenix. 鳳 . Dragon's bride. From Harry Potter movies, to traditional Chinese customary the white jade engravement at the Forbidden City. The Phoenix is a mythical creature highly revered in the Orient and Westernsphere. This magnificent bird is often called the dragon's bride. You can see them side by side in Chinese restaurants, on the walls of ancient architectural buildings around China and even sewn in gold as auspicious embroideries on the glowing Chine ...
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Share Can a Chinese girl sing & dance??
2015-5-3 19:01
Can a Chinese girl sing & dance??
Ok so I am Canton by heritage and lived in a few different countries including Singapore, Malaysia, USA and now residing in Australia. I am also a 'banana'. Banana in colloquial terms mean an Asian with a Western mindset and talents. Since i was young, I was the atypical Chinese. Lousy in maths (still hate to count!), had a strong aversion towards anything remotely science related and was stronger with my visual memory (not spatial). On top of that, I LOVED everything non-academic bas ...
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Share Noodles 101: Foodie virgin in China
2015-5-3 17:02
Noodles 101: Foodie virgin in China
So, you are about to make your 1st trip to China and not sure what to eat? Want to sample the MOTHER of all dishes in this land of varying cuisine? From North, South, East and West China delicacies the common food that binds all the provinces is surely the humble.......NOODLES! Origin N oodle, 面条 ( miantiao / miàntiáo ) originated from China and is a staple food made from unleavened dough which is stretched, extruded, or rolled f ...
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Share The sassy Cantonese woman
2015-5-3 14:42
The sassy Cantonese woman
I am Cantonese, so I may be biased. But I don't care as I am SO proud of my heritage! Though not born and never lived in China, i carry the Cantonese genes and here are a list of what I think makes a sassy Canton woman in the 21st century. 1. Of course must be able to converse in Cantonese language. From the colloquial to the street slangs, this is THE trademark of a genuine Cantonese. Some basic Cantonese for the newbies: - Sik jo fan mei? - Have you eaten? (can be used as a "hello how ...
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