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Share My proposal to include budding artists in mainstream Chinese universities
2015-8-27 11:21
My proposal to include budding artists in mainstream Chinese universities
I have been selected as one of the ASEAN delegates to present a paper at the Global Access to Post-Secondary Education (GAPS) World Congress in Oct 2015.Creation: In October 2013 the first World Congress on Access to Postsecondary Education was held in Montreal. Almost 250 people from nearly 40 countries around the world came together to explore the challenges associated with widening access to postsecondary education and lay the foundations for a new global social movement. The first W ...
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Share Why are Chinese students going abroad to study?
2015-8-25 18:54
Why are Chinese students going abroad to study?
I am a Chinese descendant and a ASEAN native who was lucky enough to be able to obtain my undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in Australia. As a Chinese Malaysian, my chances of obtaining a government scholarship was slim back in the 1990s due to policies and specific quotas accorded to indigenous Malays. My parents toiled very hard and sacrificed their health and personal comfort in ensuring the 3 children obtained a good education abroad. I am eternally grateful to my parents for that. Th ...
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Share Chinese vs. British education system - which one is best?
2015-8-22 16:04
Chinese vs. British education system - which one is best?
The BBC program Chinese School: Are Our Kids Tough Enough? has piqued my interest on this topic. For you see, I grew up in a Chinese family but was educated under the British education system (O-levels and A-levels) in Malaysia and Australia. Malaysia was a former British colony and adopted her former colonial master's numerous systems from education, judicial, roads etc. I pursued my undergraduate and post graduate studies in Australia, a country birthed from a community of ex-British convict ...
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Share Forbidden love
2015-8-21 08:21
Forbidden love
As Chinese all over the world celebrated Qixi yesterday, I suddenly thought of another form of love. The forbidden kind. I am now 37 years old. I had my puppy love when I was 19 in college. He was 4 years older than I, and being in a new city I felt vulnerable and was homesick. He treated me well, though he was poor...but he made the effort to make me happy. He would borrow his friend's car (most times with his buddies in tow) and we would go on dates together. Catch was his buddies would tag ...
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Share Romancing Qixi
2015-8-20 14:09
Romancing Qixi
It is Chinese Valentine's day today. I remember my PoPo and mama telling me about the romantic fairytale between the cowherd and the weaver girl. I looked at the round moon as they shared this story with me and my other cousins as we ate melon seeds and home made sweets. You see, I grew up in a village of Ipoh. Where there were not much entertainment available. My house got our 1st tv when I was 8 years old so before that we had alot of family gatherings where aunties and uncles would h ...
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Share Like mother, like daughter
2015-7-28 20:16
Like mother, like daughter
Recently I have been thinking about my late mother alot. I don't know why, maybe it's because my biological clock is ticking and I feel like I'm ready to be a mother. There is this deep longing to see my mom, wishing she was still alive. She passed away 18years ago on Mother's day. Depression got the better of her. But she was a courageous woman. I believe she had depression ever since she was born. Despite all that, she gave birth to 3 children, studied in the UK and worked in Singapore and Mal ...
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Share Season of love
2015-7-14 11:18
Season of love
As we approach the 2nd half of 2015, I have been inundated with wedding invitations. Has it been 1 year that I have been living the life of a nomad, hopping from cities to cities as I show my babies Epiphany and Zhu to the world?? Wow, time flies when you are on a mission. I am 37 this year and never felt more alive or younger! Friends tell me i look the most beautiful and youthful. I agree! It defies logic and biology but hey I do feel younger and more radiant! I looked haggard when i was 27! ...
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Share Thai vs. Chinese girls....who is the fairest of them all?
2015-6-18 17:14
Thai vs. Chinese girls....who is the fairest of them all?
So recently there was an international survey company which ranked Thai ladies as one of the prettiest in the world. Since I am now in Phuket penning my 3rd novel Henna...A Goddess's Love Affair, I can't help but to agree to some extent. Beauty, in itself is pretty subjective. One man's poison is another man's pudding. I've seen ugly frogs with a beautiful princess, and vice versa I've seen a handsome looking man with a woman having a face only her mom could love. God is fair, yes? So let ...
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Share Xiao Mi mi
2015-5-29 22:02
Xiao Mi mi
The mobile phone space has long been dominated by familiar brands such as Apple, Nokia, Samsung, LG, etc. AND THEN, Xiao Mi came bursting into the market with what seems like a combination between Apple Android's best features. I am still using a Samsung Galaxy phone, having been an iPhone user for a few years. A traditionalist by nature, i was quite reluctant to switch from my no frills very basic Nokia phone until 99% of my friends and family got bit by the smartphone bug. ...
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Share Are Chinese directors & actors taking the world by storm?
2015-5-21 15:05
Are Chinese directors & actors taking the world by storm?
If USA has Hollywood, India has Bollywood....what about China? LoongFoongwood? (Loong = dragon, Foong = phoenix). The rise of Chinese actors and actresses is spreading like wildfire. First it was Bruce Lee which penetrated the Hollywood market. And then it was his son. Both died at the same age (superstitious folks believed the movie Enter the Dragon was cursed). And then, we have Jet Lee and Jackie Chan in the 1980s reintroducing Chinese martial arts on the silver screen + a ti ...
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