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Share I come in peace....
2015-9-13 19:52
I come in peace....
Just felt like sharing this with fellow CD netizens....I come in peace. Some of my blogs have been rather unconventional, vocal, controversial and honest. It is not my intention to provoke anger or resentment in you. I just wanted to express my opinions and views on this platform and to have a healthy discussion with everyone. I like hearing other people's viewpoints, it is inspiring and I learn alot. But I don't fare well with harsh and destructive one appreciates it. I know it ...
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Share The case of Guo Mei Mei_rule breaker or rule bender?
2015-9-10 12:24
So the case of Guo Mei Mei has piqued my interest. At a tender age of 24 years old she is being convicted of a pretty serious crime i.e. organized gambling. Rough earnings amounted to a whopping 2million Yuan. Wow! From an enterprise perspective it is a pretty impressive feat considering her age, location (just an apartment in Beijing) and use of business acumen. HOWEVER, from a morality and legal perspective it broke all these laws. I cant help but to compare Guo Mei Meis case against the l ...
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Share Teachers of China
2015-9-9 11:57
Teachers of China
As Teachers Day on 10th Sept is fast approaching, I cant help but to look back at my own educational journey. Chinese descendant from the village of Zhongsan, Guangzhou who became a Malaysia native. Primary and secondary education system under the British O-levels system. Cambridge A-levels graduate, and finally an under-graduate and post-graduate student in Australia. A good 20 years of my life have been devoted to studying. From American influenced Montessori preschool to British centered O- ...
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Share Japan in Ipoh..atoning their past aggression with beauty?
2015-9-2 17:49
Japan in Ipoh..atoning their past aggression with beauty?
I write this with excitement as the whole world will watch the grandiose V-Day commemoration parade in Beijing, marking the 70th year of liberation from Japanese Invasion which ended in 1945. My place of birth, Ipoh Malaysia, was not spared from the Imperialists onslaught in South East Asia when it descended on my peaceful town in Dec 1941. I was born in 1978, long after the aftermath but my grandparents and older relatives lived to tell the tale. Many have demanded that Japans current Prime M ...
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Share In hope for a New Malaysia
2015-8-29 09:25
In hope for a New Malaysia
Today marks the day that Bersih 4, an independent pro-democracy group walks the streets in peace and unarmed across Malaysia. I write this with tears streaming down my face....out of shame (I have not voted ever before), out of pride (for the courage shown by the advocators) and out of hope (Malaysia is regressing into an unruly nation). I never really knew the value of freedom until being on the brink of losing it. 'Freedom' - It is easy to utter, but so hard to maintain. Like love, it nee ...
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Share When Master Xubeihong painted my great grandmother
2015-8-28 10:26
When Master Xubeihong painted my great grandmother
On 3rd September, China will hold a grand military parade in Beijing to commemorate its victory over Japanese invasion and the end of WW2.Many overseas Chinese’ parents, grandparents and other relatives witnessed or participated in the war. I was born in the year 1978, as a Fire Snake at the tail end of the Horse year. I come from a large family, especially from my late mother's side. My maternal grandfather, Cheong Chee was a Chinese tin miner who made his fortunes during ...
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Share Would this painting by a self-taught Chinese artist fetch good money?
2015-8-27 12:48
Would this painting by a self-taught Chinese artist fetch good money?
Art curators and enthusiasts around the world would pay good money for artwork done by the greats - Da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh etc. I am always curious, what are the denominators in fetching a handsome price for a piece of artwork? And perhaps also the order of importance? Artist? Technique? Medium? Past artwork? Marketability? Experience in the industry? What about ingenuity? Self-taught artists are to me one of the most ingenious demographic out there. Naysayers and traditionalists may spat a ...
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