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Share Are Chinese rude or just need some grooming?
2015-10-14 15:34
Are Chinese rude or just need some grooming?
I remember my 1st visit to China, it was in 2000 Dec and I visited Beijing with my family. We joined a tour group from Ipoh. I was fascinated about this Middle Kingdom before the trip, even though my history of it back then was shallow. As a Chinese descendant I have been practicing Chinese customs in Malaysia from celebrating Lunar Chinese New Year (playing with fireworks) to Mid-Autumn festival (playing with hand made lanterns) to making Tang Yuan to usher in Winter Solstice. My grandparents, ...
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Share Sugar babies and their daddies
2015-10-3 08:32
So I had been in Shanghai for the past 1 month and accidentally stumbled upon this conversation about Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies. These terms are not entirely new to me, I sort of know what they mean. Basically an older man gives money to a SYT (sweet young thing) in return for companionship. Whilst I find that this is more common in Asian cities, I find it peculiar to its origin. With the recent high profile case of Guo Mei Mei, it has brought back this whole notion of a Sugar Baby-Suga ...
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Share Glistening Golden Week
2015-9-30 07:44
Glistening Golden Week
Hi netizens, Just a short blog from me before most of us go off on our adventures during the sparkling Golden Week holidays in China. I think China is the only country in the world that has deployed this nation-wide, week long public holiday for her citizens. I asked a local friend recently on its significance. "To reward China's hardworking people, enable them to travel back to their hometown and of course to help spur the domestic economy!" What a heart-warming idea. It reminded me of when ...
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