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Will to win

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I write this blog with a heavy heart. I was born a twin, and raised in a family where meritocracy and competency was championed. My parents are very Western-minded. Even though I may be a twin, they cherished individual efforts and resulting rewards. For is it fair, if let's say I being the more hardworking and gifted twin devote my energy, blood, sweat and tears in creating a successful project but my other twin DEMANDS the same recognition and reward? It's not fair, is it? It's outright bullying and oppression. 

I have come to accept the fact that there will always be a slight tension with my twin in regards to due recognition and sisterly love. Just because I honor our sisterhood doesn't mean I have to succumb to outright biasness and unfair treatment. I am an advocate of never mixing business with pleasure, family included. When it comes to business and work, it's all about efforts, contribution, value-add and competency. When it comes to family, then it's about offering emotional support but not at my own personal expense, health or wealth aspect. 

We are our own champions in life. We all need support and help once in a while but it is wrong to expect others to do the work for you and then claim the credit yourself. This is wrong thinking, expectation and human values. 

When I become a parent, I will inculcate the values of diligence, ethics, hard work, self-reliance, team player, abundance mindset and will to win. For each of us have our own dreams to chase, mountains to remove and raging seas to calm. 

We are all equipped to live a life of abundance. 

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