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Share Hometown Visit (1) - Sergeant Li, where's the washroom?
Igo 2016-3-13 12:05
Hometown Visit (1) - Sergeant Li, where's the washroom?
Keep reading, bonus is there ( 一直看下去,有福利 ) Gradually, a girl's face turned clearer in front of my eyes. “You come round? Oh, so great!” The girl spoke in excitement. “Very good. So now we leave him to you.” I turned to look. A ranked officer stood up from beside and walked away to join a dozen of soldiers passing by. “What happened?” I still felt very dizzy. “You lost consciousness when a shell exploded nearby. Fortunately, you didn't ge ...
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Share Hometown Visit (2) - Are you from Mars?
Igo 2016-3-13 12:05
Hometown Visit (2) - Are you from Mars?
I opened my eyes, jumped off the bed, and rushed to the bathroom, and almost bumped into my mom carrying a bowl of sweet sesame -stuffing rice dumplings . "Watch out!" Mom spoke loudly. When I finished brushing my teeth and washing my face, it was already a quarter to eleven. "Holy! I might be late for the re-union party." "Party?" Dad was asking. "Oh no, it's just a sit-in or eat-in or something like that. Why didn't you guys wake me up early?" "We thought jet-lag hi ...
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Share Hometown Visit (3) - Practice is the sole yardstick for truth
Igo 2016-3-13 12:05
Hometown Visit (3) - Practice is the sole yardstick for truth
"Hey, look at this." Nipple pointed at the TV. "The theme song of Water Margin is also horrible." I took a glanceat the screen. "New Water Margin? Hmm. In the industry of movie music, we have nothing that can match Mulan and Air Force One . Moreover, the United States has a great lot more like these." "What in the sam hill isAir Force Oneall about?" Zhen cut in. "Yah, what's the story?" followed Yang. "I thought you two watched al ...
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Share Hometown Visit (4) - To juvenile delinquent!
Igo 2016-3-13 12:04
Hometown Visit (4) - To juvenile delinquent!
"Do you think anti-corruption storm will save the Party?" Yang asked me in a low voice. "Wow! That's a first." I replied in a lower voice. "What?" "The first time I see you ask such a serious question." Yang flattened her face and stared at me. "Okay, okay. It's a good and sophisticated question. Honestly, I have no idea. Plus, I'm not a Communist. I think Nipple would give you a better answer." "But Nipple is not a formal Communist yet either." "I heard my name." "Oh nothing." Yan ...
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Share Hometown Visit (5) - Behave!
Igo 2016-3-13 12:01
Hometown Visit (5) - Behave!
Mussolini hadn't conquered the world. But pizza had. I could easily tell how delicious it must be to all my friends. They didn't even waste a crumb of the crust. Every bite was an enjoyment. Every bite was a blessing. Or to mimic the tone of our Party, every bite was an enormous superiority of Socialist society . Now I finally realized that pizza was not particularly ordered for me, but for themselves, or to be fair, I should say, for all. Nevertheless, I was amused, I was gl ...
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Share Hometown Visit (6) - Communist's Advanced Sex Education
Igo 2016-3-13 12:00
Hometown Visit (6) - Communist's Advanced Sex Education
When Ling's parents went outside again, we were also done with the lunch. Kara-okie followed and drinking continued. I was excused for not joining them as I was so out of date that I didn't know those popular songs in China though I used to beat them in singing. I explained that I would like to take a look around. It was totally a whole new world to me now. They were very reasonable and tried to offer me a ride to anywhere I would like to go. I politely turned them off with great appreciati ...
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Share Hymn to My Hometown
Igo 2015-6-21 23:26
Hymn to My Hometown
No matter it's a tragedy, it's a comedy, it's a serious drama, it's a frolic farce, it's a hero's no-way-out, it's an indulgency in endless love, all took turns to silhouette against the broad history curtain of an ancient capital. No matter it's a hero, it's a sage, it's a tyrant, it's a bandit, it's a beauty of beauties, it's a talent of talents, all rolled out, rolled in, rolled off, rolled on the huge history platform ...
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Share Spring Hike (8)
Igo 2015-6-8 10:34
Spring Hike (8)
“Excuse me, sir. Do you have any change?” A hobo came out from somewhere outside St. Louis Barand Grill, holding out his hand. I searched my pockets and happened to have a toonie handy. I put the toonie in his palm and said excitedly, “bak choy is on sale today, 99 cents a pound. If I buy two, I can save a dollar twenty cents. My! I’m in the Seventh Heaven!” THE END
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Share Spring Hike (7)
Igo 2015-6-8 10:29
Spring Hike (7)
The doors chimed close. Finch Station was only two stops away now. My friends were still waiting for me at St. Louis Bar Grill. I sat down, leaned my body off right to the window side and closed my eyes. “He is really my type, really really the type I wanted. But I screwed everything up.” “Don’t worry too much. He will be back to you if he is very much into you.” It was two girls’ voices behind my back. The voices somewhat sounded as if I had heard somewhere. But my eyes refused to ope ...
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Share Spring Hike (6)
Igo 2015-6-7 12:39
Spring Hike (6)
Past the parking lot was another trail following the edge on the west side cliff of Tews Falls. The cliff on this side was even steeper. Some cedars grew from crevices of rock strata. This well explained the meaning of life. Sometimes, my steps crunched over pine cones, spruce cones, and branchlets. Surprisingly, a small red berry peeped out of layers of needles on the ground under a tamarack. According to Gracie, all but my group had parked their cars at the lot near Webster’s Falls. I had m ...
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