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Share Show a picture without beautifing
2014-12-9 16:45
Show a picture without  beautifing
I like taking photos,but I don't like dealing with photos.I like what I take. Show some pictures what I take~~ popcorn my home in hometown and a dog Blue sky rabbit night in Suzhou Jinji Lake
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Share My mobile phone was stolen
2014-11-30 19:06
Yesterday,when I got into the car,my cellphone was stolen. I was listening music at that time.I didn't realaize my cellphone was stolen when the bus started.I went into the back of the bus and found only the earphones left.I thought my phone dropped down the bus but I couldn't find it .Then a girl ask me if I was looking for the cellphone.I said 'yes'.The girl told me my phone was stolen by a man with yellow hair. I felt sad why the girl didn't tell me when she saw that. I cried ...
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Share I give up the job that I hate
2014-11-27 21:55
I give up the job that I hate
I have resign the job what I was do this morning. I feel unhappy when I worked in the office. Actually,I have thought it for a long time.I am afraid that I have no next job. Most of my life is working,so finding a satisfied job is important. Sometimes,I feel my life is so poor!I have no skills.I can't do what I want to do. But sometimes I feel I am not so bad.What I need to do first is to be better and better.
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