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Share long time no see
2016-4-25 11:35
didn't come here for quite a long time .And it seems my dear friends here didn't update your blogs.Miss friends here .want to know what you are engaged at .i want to insist coming here , know more about my dear friends,communicate more with my dear must be better and better if we ourselves put our heart into it .
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Share i beg ,and beg
2014-12-21 16:33
Last few days ,i was in a very complex mood,and most of which is upsetness.It is the high time that i should do sth to change myself ,so to change my life . I have always been a person who like to complain ,a person who is far from diligent(or just a lazy person), a person who is narrow in mind and not generous towards many things ,especially towards people . Among all those my shortcoming ,the most suffering one is : ...
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Share I am puzzled.
2014-11-16 21:52
I am quite clear about my English.I am not very good at it,and i don't think i can communicate with English speakers easily.But i really hope i can do a job which can make me use my English as much as possible .But the truth is not .My job has something to do with English ,but i only need to use very little English,which make me feel upset.I don't know if i should quit.
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Share It is Monday
2014-11-3 13:23
New week comes.My examination is coming ,which take place on this Sunday.I am a little excited and a little nervous.I hope i can have good luck.T tells me the dictionaries i need will arrive very soon.What good news!In the next five days,i will review for the last time .On Friday,i will just relax myself :doing very few exercises and enjoy myself and my trip.Wish u all have a nice week.See u.
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Share my first blog article
2014-11-2 21:29
I am so excited to have an bolg like this ,which was always my dream.Now it is true.I can't wait to experience it .So ,my dear friends here ,i am so happy to join u .My English is not very good.I will try my best to express myself and try to be a friend of urs.Besides , i hope i can get to know sth about abroad here.And i will also try to share my life ,my thougts with u.That is all for today's blog article.Good night ,all of u.Sweet dreams.
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