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Share The Gyanmania has begun
2015-7-19 08:45
The Chinese Super League is about to experience one of Ghana and Africa’s football sensation, the mercurial Gyan. On the pitch, he’s got style. And I call it the Gyanmania. The Ghanaian international has a flamboyant style of celebrating his goals, a rare African indigenous dance infused with a modern flair which leaves spectators spellbound as to how he does it. &nb ...
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Share 5 tips to identifying soccer talents in China
2015-6-2 09:23
China has rolled out an impressive soccer reform plan which the country’s sports officials hope would rejuvenate the sport on the mainland thereby catapulting China as a force to reckon with in Asia and worldwide. Well, at least on paper that is what they envisage. It’s far different from the scene on the ground. Those reforms are bold steps in the right direction but identifying the right talents would prove a daunting task for coaches and schools where the reforms target most. ...
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Share Should UEFA boycott 2018 World Cup?
2015-5-31 23:07
The question I was daring to ask was, “Can they or do they have the balls to boycott the 2018 World Cup?” This might sound like a European extension of sanctions against Russia for annexing Crimea but let’s separate sports from politics here. European sports officials will meet next week to decide whether or not to boycott the 2018 FIFA World Cup to be hosted in Russia because of their opposition against the re-election of Sepp Blatter as FIFA president. I’m ...
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Share Putin has a point on FIFA arrests
2015-5-29 13:26
Russian president Vladimir Putin has in an interview expressed his opinion about the on-going corruption charges against six FIFA officials who were arrested by the United State prior to the FIFA presidential elections. According to him the officials accused might be guilty of the alleged charges against them but the United States acting as the world police has stepped beyond its jurisdiction in a move that led to the arrest of those officials simply because those alleged crimes we ...
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Share One-Child One-Ball
2015-5-25 08:50
If China’s sports officials are keen on seeing the recent soccer reforms having the desired impact that they envisage then no stone should be left unturned. I’m in no position to advice the ministry but I have thought of one creative idea which if rigidly applied could help spawn the declining interest in the game by those who matter most- the youth. I suggest the Ministry should consider initiating a province-wide strategy that I call the One-Child One-Ball program. ...
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Share Mayweather to fight Pacquiao Again
2015-5-6 18:24
Photo source-AFP The question is do you think Pacquiao deserves a rematch? Many people would say yes, he does deserve a second chance. Well, that’s the thing with boxing; losers are never satisfied with the final decision, especially when they lose by the tiniest point. And in this case it was the greatest bout in the history of the sport, so even Ali wouldn’t mind a rematch between two of the greatest pound for pound in the business. T ...
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Share Mayweather Vs Pacquio -Who Wins?
2015-5-1 00:35
Boxing fans can’t wait for this fight. We have been waiting for years. It has been billed as the fight of the century. It is the most expensive fight in boxing history. Estimated at a record $400 million dollars, the fight scheduled on May 2, 2015 at the 16,800 capacity Grand MGM Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada has sold out. I call this fight weathering the Pacquiao storm. Mayweather takes home the lion’s share of a 60-40 money split. The referee for ...
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Share Should China Learn Soccer from Germany or UK?
2015-3-17 20:55
During the visit by UK’s Prince William, President Xi Jinping said China would learn from UK’s soccer formula and use it as a template for China’s soccer reforms. I haven’t had a critical look at China’s new reforms announced this week, but I am of the opinion that if China is really serious about making progress, then it should learn from the best of the best- Germany and not the UK. From the look of the reform plans, there is no doubt that ...
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Share Ministry of Education 1- 0 CFA
2014-11-30 13:11
The decision taken by the Education Ministry in China to take over the promotion of youth soccer from the Chinese Football Association (CFA) is worthy of praise. Though this decision was long overdue , it is a step in the right direction if China’s impact is to be felt on the international stage in a game that continues to elude the nation. I’m speculating that that decision had been long overdue not because the CFA wa ...
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Share Lippi Takes A Leap
2014-11-3 18:09
I was very sad after Marcello Romeo Lippi announced on Sunday that he was stepping down as the head coach of Guangzhou Evergrande and sit back as the technical director. I really loved his tactics and the way he gelled the team. He is such an exceptional coach. He would be missed as the man in charge by both the fans and the opposition I’m sure. Lippi’s impact on the Chinese Super League has been immense. He brought with him an unmatched ...
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