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Share 10 Enchanting Ancient Chinese Poems
2015-5-21 10:52
According to Chinese history, the Tang Dynasty was the period Chinese classical literature flourished with outstanding achievements in poetry. During the period 618-907 literates were not the only composers as it had been the norm during the periods before that, instead, people from all social strata, including emperors, generals, ministers, imperial concubines, maids from the imperial palace, tradesmen and porters, entertainers, Buddhist and Taoists were all keen in writing poems ...
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Share A prayer for Nepal
2015-5-18 09:11
It is said that ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. A lot of lives have been lost from the two earthquakes that have struck Nepal within the spate of a month. The Nepalese people must sure be as strong as dynamites. Those who have survived the two disastrous earthquakes deserve our support and empathy. They have experienced two of the deadliest earthquakes in the past decade. It is my prayer that they bounce back from the rubble even harder than b ...
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Share Are Chinese people bad losers?
2015-5-13 01:44
I would say yes to that. I think the majority of Chinese people are bad losers. I have lived in China for six years and counting and through that I have acquainted myself a lot with Chinese society and psyche.For most Chinese people failure means disaster, it is never an option. Chinese people would strive for success in everything they do which is not a bad thing but it also makes them bad losers.   ...
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Share God save Tutu
2015-5-13 00:39
I was deeply moved by the story of a 3-year old boy named Tutu, a Chinese who was diagnosed with leukemia last year. The story reported by China Daily brought me close to tears, I held on but finally had to let go because the only thing preventing Tutu to have a normal life like other kids was poverty. Permit me to use this colloquial, ‘poverty is a disease’ and it is this disease that is worsening the fate of young Tutu whose parents both teachers have done ev ...
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Share 5 ways to kill your dreams- Bel Pesce
2015-4-11 00:17
Bel Pesce is a young Brazilian entrepreneur, writer and motivational speaker. She has been named as one of the 100 most influential people in Brazil. She is a TED fellow and gave the following talk at the global TED talk last year. I found this talk very inspirational and decided to share it on my blog here. I hope you also find inspiration from reading it. The title is some sort of rhetoric, it is an attention getter. It should rather read, “5 ways not to kill your dreams ...
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Share How Prevalent Is Cyber bullying in China
2015-4-1 10:02
With the advent of social media, this phenomenon has become prevalent in all aspects of online activity, and it has quietly crept into China with the proliferation of social media on the mainland. This week, Caixin Media, the leading Chinese business and financial weekly, is alleged to be threatening to pursue a defamation claim against a tycoon who it says fabricated and spread rumors to undermine its credibility and harm the reputation of its editor. " Ca ...
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Share If I had one wish
2015-1-3 09:12
We all make wishes, some are realistic, some unrealistic. There are so many occasions or celebrations when we make wishes. This new year 2015, most of us made wishes as we said or thought of our new year’s resolutions. To use a cliché known to most of us, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”. This proverb simply means it is useless to make wishes, but as humans as we are, we can’t stop making wishes. Growing up, we have all made wishes and continue to make wi ...
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Share A Check-Up From The Neck Up
2014-11-13 21:35
“We all need a daily check up from the neck up to avoid stinkin ‘thinkin’ which ultimately leads to hardening of the attitudes.”- Zig Ziglar. This quote by one of the most famous motivational speakers the world had ever seen, Zig Zigler, has been the foundation for many successful people whose lives and personal development turned around as a result of strict adherence to a daily routine of personal check-ups. Born Hilary Hintin Ziglar, in 1926, ...
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Share Think Outside The Box Or Think Beyond The Box?
2014-10-16 02:54
No matter how it is put to you, this phrase has become too much of a cliché and almost everyone is tired of hearing it now. It sounds like people who use this phrase these days are they themselves out of motivational ideas. Often synonymous with leaders and industry tacticians, the phrase has left followers disbanded and totally lost in pursuit for innovation and perfection. For those of you who are familiar with the phrase but not conversant with its origin, here ...
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