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Share Because They Are Different
greenthought 2015-8-5 20:08
RecentlyI ’ vebeenwatchingthe4 th ‘ TheVoiceofChina ’ ,whichisoneofthemostpopularvarietyshowsinChina.It ’ saprogramthatprovidesastageforthosewhoeverhavedreamsortalentsforsinging.Andifoneofthemwhosingsreallygoodand ...
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Share My Lovely, Handsome and Versatile Boyfriend
greenthought 2015-7-21 22:45
Maybe “lovely” is not the right word for a Kids Adult, who is full grown but not so old mentally, but my boyfriend is really cute, and I’d rather call him “big boy” or “man child” than “man”, for he is really a boy in front of me, and in leisure time he likes watching comics such as “Crayon Shin-chan” and “Naruto”. He likes acting cute and autodyne selfie at the same time, and then, a few minutes later, you would find his cute face on photos of WeChat Moments, and another fe ...
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Share Make Our Own life
greenthought 2014-12-21 20:44
Many years later, I met her again on the street. She was Lee, one of my closet friends. We had known and played with each other since I had memory of the earliest things. Being of the same age, we were living near and played everything we could find with each other. Though young, she seemed to be trendy and introduced new things to me always. She showed me the double eyelid stickers, blew my hair with a hair dryer and shared with me her nail polish, when we were both before ten yea ...
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Share Prosper in Worries and Hardships
greenthought 2014-12-18 20:04
During school-days, one of my teachers once told us to keep three things in mind: to keep living on; to live better than the past; to live better than others. These are three goals in life. Since leaving school, everyone was fighting to realize these goals. We may not like fighting; we just have to, to keep living on, to live better than the past, and to live better than others, by our different abilities or by the so-called “fate”. Some of us came to private enterprises to work f ...
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Share After We Two Parted
greenthought 2014-11-30 19:08
Isometimesponderonthequestionthatifwetwo,whohavejustpartedfromaromanticrelationship,meeteachotheronthestreetorsomewhereelsesomeday,whatwouldwesayandhowwouldwefaceeachother?Wouldwestillsmileateachotherandaska ...
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Share Run in Circle
greenthought 2014-11-26 21:05
Sometimes we are just like the second hand of the clock, running hard all the time, but finally come back to the original place. Maybe we would put in a lot of money, time, energy, sweat and expectation in the process of some kind of trying, and it still turns out to be fruitless. The feeling must be extremely terrible the moment we know we have once again lost the game. Once again, we would be at a lose, feeling awful and miserable, as if being on the brink of collapse, especially when we ...
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Share Age from Twenty to Thirty
greenthought 2014-10-26 19:04
How do we young women change in appearance from twenty years old to thirty? This is one of the few questions I’ve been thinking about. Now, I’d like to share with you some of my observations here. For most of us, the obvious thing we notice is that some little wrinkles begin to appear on the outer corner of our eyes and beside our mouth after about twenty five years old. And have you noticed that when we are approaching thirty, the voice and the way we speak are somehow different in ...
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Share Rainstorm
greenthought 2014-10-18 15:19
It was at thirteen o'clock, in the early afternoon of a sweltering summer day, if my memory didn't fail me, when the rainstorm began. I had just finished my lunch in the small canteen whichwas filled up with smothering air, and was on my way home in the bright baking-hot sun, without seeing any sigh of the approaching of any kind of a storm. Everybody was dragging his or her lazy legs on the long, dusty street, withered like the weeds, bushes and ...
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