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Many years later, I met her again on the street.

She was Lee, one of my closet friends. We had known and played with each other since I had memory of the earliest things. Being of the same age, we were living near and played everything we could find with each other. Though young, she seemed to be trendy and introduced new things to me always. She showed me the double eyelid stickers, blew my hair with a hair dryer and shared with me her nail polish, when we were both before ten years old. Though we were of the same age, she treated me as if I were her little sister.

When older, we went to the same class of the same middle school. I was not as crazy as in primary school, and became a quiet, studious girl, being appointed by teachers as the subject representative of both Chinese and geography, and later English. It seems that I realized from that time on that I should study well as a good student. In the meantime, my playmate Lee, who was taller and slimmer than other girls with her straight, black long hair, became one of the several focuses in my class. They called her “melon seed” for her oval face and good shape. The boys liked to molest her, call her by her nickname of “melon seed” and she chased after them or fought and played with them every day. Sometimes she would tell me about the boy she liked or disliked. Of course, she didn’t like studying, and the books she read were all about love stories such as “Bloom and Rainy Season”. Maybe it was from that time on that we had chosen different ways on the fork of life road.

I went to high school later, and my family moved house far from hers’. We lost contacts gradually for the bad communication conditions at that time. There was hardly anybody who had a cellphone. After three years’ high school life and another one year’s remediation, I went to the University. It was just before my graduation of University that we encountered with each other again.

I had always thought that my choice was better, that was, studying well and making my way to being an undergraduate, and later, having a steady work and life, being simple and happy all my life. But maybe I was wrong, for her life was undoubtedly more wonderful.

She told me that after technical secondary school, her father helped to find a comfortable and easy work for her. However, months later, she was tired with it and didn’t think it was a promising work apart from its easy and comfortable. It’s not what she wanted in heart. So she followed her heart and resigned the work. She used the money she had earned to study taekwondo and model, and sometimes did as temporary model to pay for her everyday needs. She went to and studied and lived in many big cities these years, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Guangzhou, etc. She was always traveling between city and city. When she’s back in Taiyuan, we met one or two times. And when we met, she would always tell me about her experiences. She had lived in Beijing for several times, and once she lived in a humid basement because of the high living price in Beijing, and thus ill with eczema and then took medicine for a long time. Since then, she never wanted to live in basement anymore. Later, she lived with a friend in a small sunny house. She began to learn English here by herself for all the people around her seemed to know how to speak English, and she also made friends with foreigners who could be her teachers. She’s now in a model company, and traveled and performed from place to place, during which time she made many friends from many countries, and now she can communicate with them smoothly. I believe she knows no less than what we learned in school. Sometimes the company would take them to foreign countries, for example, Korea, where they went months ago. She took many pictures of her foreigner friends from many different countries, mostly were handsome boys. She showed me their pictures, told me their nationalities, described to me their acquaintance processes and asked me who was better looking. I could always hear various stories from her. She has seen the world and is knowledgeable now.

I had always thought in school-days that we should study well and read more books for a better future, and that I had read more books than her. But now I think that she makes a better life than me. It’s not how many books we have read or how good students we have been; it’s how we treat our life and how we use our time to make our own life that matters.

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