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Prosper in Worries and Hardships

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During school-days, one of my teachers once told us to keep three things in mind: to keep living on; to live better than the past; to live better than others. These are three goals in life.

Since leaving school, everyone was fighting to realize these goals. We may not like fighting; we just have to, to keep living on, to live better than the past, and to live better than others, by our different abilities or by the so-called “fate”. Some of us came to private enterprises to work for others; some fought to work for their dreams; some in-flowed to other cities as migrant workers; some squeezed into foreign companies to give paly to their talent and capability, or just to earn more money; and some, competed and enrolled into state-owned companies for a secured work or in other words, the “iron bowl”.

I came back to work in the city where I was born and grew up. And later, I had the chance to be allocated in the state-owned company where my father had spent his best three decades in. To my parents, this is maybe the best choice for a girl for its stability and security. However, the work I got had nothing to do with what I had learnt in school, and it’s too common in a large-scale coal enterprise like ours’ to find it’s of any strangeness. Most of the allocated had the thought that it’s uneasy to get a secured work, and the main task for them is to work well and live happily. It sounds OK, nothing wrong. And the most of us are living like this indeed. We weak up every day to work, eat, relax and play, watch TV and sleep, eat, work….After hard work, we enjoy cozy and comfortable lives.

It seems true that we have less stress and challenges in state-owned companies than in private- owned or foreign companies, and also, less competition against each other, the same common workers, but is this really good? It depends. Most of us are falling behind others, and even behind our once fighting selves, since being used to living cozily and making away the days the “iron bowl” bring about. Gradually, we forget about what we‘d learnt and only know how to do our daily work. We have been less competitive than we’d just entered the society. We can see the old coal miners who have worked for the coal mine for several decades. They learnt nothing but knowledge about their work, and once they are put into the society, they feel afraid that they don’t know what to do.

You may say that they have the “iron bowls” that they needn’t worry about losing work. And I may say back that everything is changing all the time, who knows who will lose the “iron bowl” someday. The coal market had been stagnated since two years ago, and the coal mine is difficult to keep developing. Our wages have fallen to the lowest level and some units even couldn’t pay wages for workers for months. Some units adopt the idea of giving long holidays to workers to reduce the expenditure.

Well, on the other hand, I also find some young workers using their leisure time wisely. They keep learning new things such as new technology, accounting and management, etc. They are preparing for their future. Once they lose their “iron bowl” someday, they have their own “bowl”, which is more secured and won’t be stolen. It is sensible to take precautions, as the old saying goes, one prospers in worries and hardships, and perishes in ease and comfort.

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