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      It was at  thirteen o'clock, in the early afternoon of a sweltering summer day, if my memory didn't fail me, when the rainstorm began. I had just finished my lunch in the small canteen which was  filled up with smothering air, and was on my way home in the bright baking-hot sun, without seeing any sigh of the approaching of any kind of a storm. Everybody was dragging his or her lazy legs on the long, dusty street, withered like the weeds, bushes and scattered flowers on the roadside, and was wiping sweats every now and then.
      Just then, the wind came in a sudden, and became increasingly strong in its coolness and soon turned into a gale, blowing every piece of red or yellow or black hair, every plant and every corner dust up, all waving in the air with mixed sands. The sky turned from blue to yellowish in minutes' time, with dust, plastic bags and waste papers flying over our heads. People began to run. But before we could find ourselves a refugee, big drops of rain from the already darkened sky had caught us, hitting upon our bodies like gunshots. All of us who had no umbrellas speed forward like chased rabbits, hands covering heads. I was immediately besieged with all kinds of sounds: the screaming of girls, the shouting of boys, the yelling of mothers and fathers, the whistling of cars, the howling of wind, the rustling of tree leaves, the rumbling of thunders and the sporadic sounds of snapped branches. I got wet all over and struggled my way to a shattering, crowding with a bundle of poor fellows shuddering in their wetness in the cold wind. From the windows of their houses, some lucky ones were watching this grand scene. They heard the rumbling thunders and admired the beautiful lightenings. The crops, thanks to the wild wind, were swayed into every kind of posture, leaning to left and right. The rainwater gathered and flushed in streams, carrying yellow earths along.
      Then, about half an hour later, the rain reduced its fierceness and finally stoped. In the meantime, the grey sky bacame lighter and finally cleared up. Now, every face was bright again with sunshine and smile.

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