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Do you have courage to pursue your dream?

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This morning I read about one article whose author wrote about how she quit her job to chase her dream.

She was a CFO in a big company, but what she really want to become is an artist. Drawing is her passion for long time. But because her parents insisted that she should study economy, so that she could find a good job and earn a hansom salary, she chose what her parents hoped for. But after all these years, she has never gave up drawing. However, the limited time and energy not allowed her to totally concentrate on drawing. After much deliberation, she decided to quit her job and do what she really want to do. She left company where she has been working almost 10yrs. It was never an easy decision, and it was not a sudden impulse. It took a lot of courage. No matter how much her parents and her friends desperately opposed her decision, she stuck to her plan and made up her mind. She knew that being out of job means she have to pick up a scanty livelihood until she may become a famous artist. She found a part time job in a bakery, cut unnecessary spending and rented out the spare room. Life has ben difficult but she thought it's worthy. Now she can draw whenever and wherever she want. The most important thing is she finally feel happy about her life.

As I reading, I kept wondering how much courage do we need to quit a job and to do what we really want to do. It is easier said than done. Dream is like an ingredient. If you add it in your life, your life would be taste much different. When you realize your dream, your life would be definitly taste good. Dream is a tricky thing. To make it come true, one need to sacrifice a lot and sometimes suffer a lot. No matter how hard to realize it, some people won't let it go wighout making any efforts.

Reality is bitter and dream is sweet. We have to make dream come true out of the bitter reality. Cost what it may, some people don't give up and chase their dreams to the end. That's why we admare their success and want to become one of them. Important thing is, do you have enough courage to give up a comfortable life and set out on a long  journey to chase your dream? Whatever your dream is, dream it all your heart.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. - Walt Disney-



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