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Share The West and the East
2014-8-13 05:29
Yes, I am from the West, but don't be fooled. Not all westerners are ignorant and careless about the condition of the East. Surprisingly I enjoy receiving products that say "Made in China" more than products that say "Made in America". The products made in the East are way more reliable than products made in the West. And to top it off, many of your legal systems work more efficiently than any in America. We take forever to get one court case done, you get plenty done in a couple of weeks. I wis ...
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Share Newcomer
2014-8-12 03:02
Nin Hao, I am simply an American who enjoys Chinese Websites. I believe ChinaDaily is one of the best I have ever come across the internet. I'm sorta new but expect to see many posts from me in the future.
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  • Newcomer 2014-8-12 18:58

    Newcomer means new blood to the Forum, AND I am waiting for your up-coming posts!

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