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A breed of apartment flagship store opened new lifestyle urban youth advocate

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I’m a big fan of Chinadaily, since the CBD project just opened that I wanted the news share with your website.   Pls let me introduce a little bit about CYPA, CYPA (China young professionals apartments)  is an apartment . CBD flagship store just opened and it is designed for young white collars who are looking for both convenience and quality in life.

With one aim in mind: bringing young people back into the city centre, China Young Professional Apartments (CYPA) is revolutionising Beijing’s white collars living environment offering a new residential concept combining design, environmental friendly lifestyle and community life.
Located at the centre of Beijing’s CBD, the grey and green modern design building stands out in its environment, easily visible from the east 3rd ring road.

Noticing this building means noticing this new lifestyle.

Designed by German designer Volker Kunst, this new residential concept is the brainchild of CYPA CEO Wang Ge Hong. Wang is a strong believer in community; he believes that community is created when people have similar ambitions, aspirations, background and culture.

The compound is offering more than a living environment; it offers a sense of belonging and a feeling of community to its residents. Therefore, the rooftop garden which offers a magnificent view of the capital’s CBD area, the backyard as well as the lobby’s wine-bar and lounge all serve as communal spaces where neighbours can interact, meet each other, make friends and even have parties.

A gym, yoga room, art gallery and wine cellar are all available to the tenants free of charge.

The building has strict rules as for who can live there and strict rules for behaving inside the compound guaranteeing a peaceful, safe and clean living environment.

Garbage separation is encouraged and both designated trash cans and recycling machines are part of the design.
Natural sunlight, purified water and garbage disposal machines are all part of the apartments’ design, saving energy and reducing domestic garbage.







We can not change the high prices, but you can choose a different way of life, this sentence as a slogan and corporate philosophy, appear on the new breed of apartment flagship store opening ceremony.

June 21 evening, a new breed of apartments (CYPA, China Young Professionals Apartments) flagship store opening ceremony was held. Founder gehong wang enthusiastically said at the opening ceremony, the foreign urban layout, the city center to live young, suburban living elderly; Chinese urban layout, the city center living elderly, young suburban living, the emergence of a new breed of apartments is to change this situation, young people become the city's heart.A new breed of apartment concept, is also based on this position, with the income does not exceed 30% of renting office and entertainment traffic less than 30 minutes away from the place, creating a new way of life for urban white-collar workers.Wang Gehong details of the new breed of apartments from the project was originally conceived, investment, and finally implementation. He cited the 23 is not the same details, such as not the same fashion coat, not the same as a public recreational area, is not the same art gallery, home is not the same sport, is not the same living color , not the same roof garden , not the same as the vestibular backyard and so on. Project promotion and even different from the past, he even breakdown of the number of apartments to be perfect place to breed.

gehong wang process involved in the introduction to the specific details of the renovation project, from the facade of color choices, environmental philosophy, to the selection of houses every home equipment, even down to the toilet to have a large enough amount of water, once Can clean , project outdoors take permeable rock, must not be allowed to go home beautiful shoes flooding, soundproof curtains choice , Shoebox requirements placed no less than 15 pairs of shoes, regardless of room size, it must be 1.8 m bed , old people do elevators, stair climbing stairs young, each marked with the height of the stairs, and so on.

In the introduction process, he also mentioned that a new breed of apartments has built a platform for a new intelligent life – a new breed of life (CYPA Life) APP, the Internet implanted into a new breed of apartment services. In addition to the mobile phone terminal to achieve full coverage of the basic functions of the site a new breed of life, but also realized the phone open, community bulletin, warning hydropower use, payment reminders, notifications and other information push property maintenance services.

The apartment is committed to creating a new breed of urban white-collar apartment new way of living chain brand. Wang Gehong proposed and future of Chinese white collar practice new living concept Lifestyle (new lifestyle), Home (new home), Community (youth community). He refused to be seen as a new breed of apartment real estate projects, he stressed, is not a new breed of apartment real estate projects,  Andy Yan Funding Partner of SAIF Partners  (a new breed of apartment first investor) would never invest in real estate projects.




If you are interested hope you can come to visit our project.








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