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Giving out Flyers

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(I haven’t done any research about this. So I am not certain whether or not giving out flyers is doing any good to some companies’ market. This is just my personal and subjective observation.)

Yesterday afternoon, when I was on my way to the subway station, I saw a girl from a nearby hot pot restaurant who was giving out flyers and free plum syrup to passers-by to promote their latest menu. When she met my eyes, I instinctively knew I was already her target. When she offered me the syrup, I politely declined and asked her to give me a flyer. She thanked me and then I walked away.

I didn’t read the flyer as I had got a same one before. On my way home, I was pondering over the marketing strategy --- giving out flyers.

 I am pretty sure there are many people out there, like me, who don’t like accepting flyers distributed on the street. It is not necessary to stand at the moral high ground to judge that it is wrong not to accept the flyers from those people. Many people reckon that their job is too difficult since they have to stand there until they have finished giving out all the flyers no matter whether it is bloody cold or scorching. I understand that and I am willing to extend my hand out to help them finish their job as soon as possible. But is it really a good thing? I know being friendly and obliging are long considered virtues of human beings. However, it is not the case here. I personally believe that the decline from passers-by can actually to a certain extent stimulate them to be more hard-working because if they don’t want to be ignored or declined by others, they are goanna need to strive to arm themselves with more capabilities so as to avoid being reduced to live a life by giving out flyers. This is particularly important to university students who do this as a part-time job.


Of course, I have noticed recently that most people distributing flyers on the street only do that when new products from their companies are released. Sometimes, I don’t want to accept the flyer because it is utterly useless to me. In other words, the flyers nowadays all are too boring to surprise us. They don’t have the element to make us vow. In this society where everyone has a short attention span, flyers are forgotten almost the moment we get them.  Meanwhile, this marketing strategy has been used so often that I start wondering whether it still exert any influence on the companies’ market. Sometimes, I accept all the flyers and then dump all of them in the first rubbish bin I see. Objectively, flyers are treated as trash by most people. So it seems a waste of the companies’ money and labor resources. Environmentally, it is wasting our resource of forest and in the meantime contributing to the piled trash.

So why don’t them come up with better marketing strategies? The flyer from that girl reminded me of a conversation in TOEFL listening test. A student wanted to advertise her private tutor business and was advised to provide the key points on pencils. This seems to be a quite innovative way for advertisement. Certainly, we need to consider the budget. For many businesses who turn to flyers for marketing, money is the determining factor in choosing the strategy. There must be some other creative as well as affordable ways of marketing. To take the hot pot restaurant as an example, it can just print the key information on a square napkin. Or it can just make small hard-paper cards and print an exquisite photo of every new dish they are going to offer and put these cards in a small envelop to make this compelling. Also, it can cooperate with another company by printing out the information of its partner over the envelop. This way they can split the bill. There must be a lot of other possibilities. In my eyes, you either offer pedestrians some benefits or think out of the box when advertising.

I suppose in effect a lot of scientific knowledge is involved in the simple matter- flyer distribution. In order to make the most of this traditional strategy, you have to have a good understanding of your targeted customers. For that specific restaurant, I noticed that the expenditure per person is usually around 100 yuan.  So for students, only those from relatively well-off families are likely to dine there. To tell whether they are from affluent families or not, we only need to notice what clothes they are wearing, shoes (most Chinese high school students wear school uniforms), backpacks and watches. The old (people with salt and pepper hair) should not be considered as target customers as most old people are usually retired and therefore they have plenty of time to prepare meals and the majority of old people value food safety and they are not so open-minded when it comes to trying out new food. So this should rule out many subjects. But who should they target at? They should aim at those young people who have already worked a few years or who are from well-off families. This is because young people tend to try new things and dining in restaurant has become a popular way of socializing for them. But as it is not that cheap, they have to have some saving. The potential customers can also be working couples busy with jobs and having no time to cook.  After this analysis, they can narrow down the search to a certain scope and they probably won’t be declined so many times since the information they provide is sort of useful.

I discussed this with one of my students in class. We both who found it very intriguing and  interesting. I suppose I can just spare some time observing people distributing flyers on street one day to know more about this. Even better, I should just go back to school and get a degree in business.

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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Reply Report voice_cd 2016-5-19 10:02
Thank you very much!!! we have highlighted your blog.
Reply Report Min1989 2016-5-19 12:36
voice_cd: Thank you very much!!! we have highlighted your blog.
Thank you for that. It is a great pleasure to be able to write something interesting.
Reply Report guml 2016-5-20 10:37
I don't agree with your opinions.
Reply Report Min1989 2016-5-20 11:05
guml: I don't agree with your opinions.
Haha, you don't need to agree with me. I have stated clearly that this is only based on my subjective opinion and observation. I don't have any data or evidence to back up my points. So in other words, there must be many flaws. I am writing this down because it makes me realise that those daily matters we usually take for granted can be analysed in a scientific way. This intrigued me and made me want to know more about business. Thank you for reading and commenting on this. It would be better if you could also write down which part and why you don't agree with me. I may gain more food for thoughts from your comment.
Reply Report guml 2016-5-24 13:41
1st,For small company or enterprise, there is not enough money to advertise its product from its original fund.
2nd,It can offer some positions for somebody who can't get a job due to not gain high education.

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