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Stick ·Share post graduation
2014-5-13 00:39
until now ,I've graduated from university for almost1 year.During this period, my life has been changed a lot. the very firstchange is that my identity has been adjusted froma student to a career girl. it was my dream to be a careergirl who has independent financail ability.But then i found thatthe dream is alwayssweet than the reality, hehe. Second, mytimetableis totally different from the university. ...
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Share can animals feel vehicle-sick such as sea-sick?
2014-5-17 00:18
i don't know why today i suddenly fell into an excited mood and my face turned to make a smile curve when my eyes touch on something,whatever. and when i walked on the road,i saw three white goats were carried in a rickshaw and they were keeping a "dumb" face. it made me laughed out loudly.i was notmaking fun of them, i was laughing at their cute face.i know they don't have facial expression, butmy imagination makes me believe that they do have facial expression and they were ...
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Share how to be a good GF?
2014-5-15 02:00
i always believe that i will be a perfect girlfriend before i met the one.however, when i met the boy, i did not do my GF job is odd and i don't know seems that i did not know how to take care of him and show my love to him. so i am trying to figure out how to be a good GF? first, stop being selfish and think more for him. the more you think for ur BF, the more you will show ur love to him, with words or behaviors before u know it. For example, he said his birthday i ...
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Share why some people often show irritations?
2014-5-14 01:46
are you often under pressure? do you often feel irritative withou any reasons? yes i am and i do. I am a girl and each month,there are some days on which that i felt angry and anxious without any reasons. you might say that my period time is around the corner? yes that is one of the most common reasons. However, except this, i found that there are some other reasons that cause the irritations. first, lack of sleep makes people full of anxiety. sleep ...
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Share stop making any phone calls when your mobile phone is near to power off
2014-5-14 01:21
when your mobile phone is near to power off, pls stop making any phone calls. Or your ears will be super uncomfortable after you hang up the phone. pls remember this. long time ago i heard that some people died suddenly when they receiving or makinga phone call with charging mobile phone. i was not taking it seriously and thought it was not true. But the day before yesterday, i made several phone calls without notice that my mobile phone has been almost power off. and the mor ...
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Share my bittersweet love stories
2014-5-13 21:19
I was a simple-minded girl who expects true love all the time. and i had a lot of imagination about my MR.right. he must be very goodlooking, tall ,gentle and adorable and kind to me :) It was a sunny day and I met him in front of KFC. the first eyes on him, i had a tongue tie and was deeply attracted by his nice face and gentle smile.Andthe first time we went to had lunch and i was very nervous and did not know how to behave elegantly in front of him even i eagerly want to. ...
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Share what is in the mind of great people
2014-5-13 01:26
usually we learnt the story of great people from our textbook such as Sun zhongshan. we have been told that the standard for the great people is the one who can makes benefit to others while sacrifice their own's. and sometimes the have to sacrifice their life. For "great people" like this, i don't like very much even they are respectful. actually they don't cherish their life at all and they end it very casually even with a name for the revolution career. It seems that for a thousand years, Ch ...
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