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My Experience of English Writing

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    Although writing is a small part of English study and will be ignored usually, it still plays an important and necessary role in our study. But that the topic was about the experience of English writing, I would not recall the past.

    In junior middle school, English writing is not demanding. Most of the exercises and examinations are simple narration by writing though pictures and a little word number. Just describe the story in the pictures in detail as possible as you can and with clarity and perception, few wrong words, few mistakes in grammar, then you will get good marks. It’s a common phenomenon. Without lots of smart sentences or wonderful expression, there aren’t any differences among the students’ articles. English writing is just beginning at that time.

    Perhaps the time when I or we realise the significance of English writing is the senior middle school. Good mark is an old story for me before. But a few exams in senior one made me a little bit disappointed. To overcome the difficulties, my English teacher made some plans or measures to help us, such as more than three English diaries should be handed in every week and in every every composition we should use these sentence patterns: attributive clauses, noun clauses and adverbial clauses, which we called “Advanced Sentences”. As a result, we spent a large amount of time in studying how to use the “Advanced Sentences” as much as possible in our composition. Obviously, the practice like this made few effects, especially in the long run. However, in senior two, my other teacher guided the writing systematically and entirely. Quantity wasn’t demanded but the quality. And I began to develop my interest in English writing by collecting beautiful articles and sentences. Then I would get good inspiration from those materials when I reviewed them. Of course, good marks came back again to me.  

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Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-5-18 17:38
Reading as widely as you can in English will help you construct nice sentences!  Best of luck!

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    • My Experience of English Writing 2014-5-21 12:40

      ColinSpeakman: Reading as widely as you can in English will help you construct nice sentences!  Best of luck!
      Thank you for your advice.

    • My Experience of English Writing 2014-5-18 17:38

      Reading as widely as you can in English will help you construct nice sentences!  Best of luck!

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