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Share How do you think of friendship
2014-5-31 23:07
People need friends who do understand you and share everything with you. But saddly,true friends are rareas when it comes to benefit ,some friends turns out to be strangers.I experienced this thingonce . At first,she was our roommate,and then at least in my mind we became good friends.We shared almost everythingand i didn't realized almost thingsdidn't equal every thing,and i got to know that shehided us to compete one tutor by chance,you know,the competition ...
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Share Genius Irrigation System-----Dujiang yan
2014-5-12 15:32
Genius Irrigation System-----Dujiang yan
Last weekend,i went to Dujiang yan with my friend for a taste of the greatness of the ancient irrigation infrastructure. As the tutor said,it was bulit in Qin dynasty in 256 BC,and during that time,people lived along the banks of the Min River were plagued by annual floods.Li Bing ,who was the governor responsible for this big problem ,investigated and finally discovered that the river was swelled by fast flowing spring melt-water from the local mou ...
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Share A Form Of Chemical Madness---------From A Almostdoctor
2014-5-8 23:13
It is really a special year for me as an intern studying in West China Hospital. Thanks to internship ,i have experienced many first time in my life:my first time to live independently in chengdu, sichuan province which is far away from my hometown,changzhou,jiangsu province,even though i couldn't understand sichuan language,to taste original sichuan cuisine ,to travel with friend to enjoy the beauty of snow-capped mountains,et al.And finally ,i've learned how to sp ...
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    • How do you think of friendship 2014-6-1 21:20

      Friendship can be many things and operate at different levels. In some friendships, there are secrets and I do not think that secrets destroys a friendship. Have you heard of the American term BBF ?  Best, best friends. They might get to hear the secrets!

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