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Share My Thoughts towards Peace Keeping Operation
qq565439685 2015-5-23 11:39
I had heard of Peace Keeping Operation in United Nations since I was very young, but I never had a deep perspective about it. Luckily, at the first class of this term’s military English course, one of my instructors gave us a presentation about his personal experience of join this huge and honored organization in Middle East area. Following are some of my perspective about Peace Keeping Operation. Peace keeping is not just a kind of mission or task bu ...
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Share Developing the ability of strategic thinking
qq565439685 2014-12-23 22:22
The famous militarist Sutzi had said in his book, The Art of War, that nothing is too treacherous in the war. In my point of view, the treachery mentioned in his book is equal to the strategic thinking. How to decrease the losses in the future? I think it’s of great significance for us to develop the ability of strategic thinking. But how to develop this kind of ability? As far as I am concerned, the most important thin ...
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Share Change the Unchangeable
qq565439685 2014-12-10 18:01
Two years ago, I had got my admission letter from the PLA Information Engineering University and became a cadet in military academy. I had dreamed a lot about my college life when I was in high school, but the atmosphere in my university had truly let me down. Every time we are walking, we will be in the column and we barely have our own time to do something we like. We have to get up at 6AM, then come the affairs like having morning exercise, cleaning our rooms, taking compulsory ...
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Share Efforts are still needed in corporation
qq565439685 2014-11-17 10:09
APEC has been the hottest topic nowadays and the leader’s conference had just ended 4 days ago. The core of this conference is corporation but the so called corporation, in my point of view, is a vacant word with no actual progress. Why is corporation just a superficial phenomenon in the Asia Pacific area? I think the reason is from a lot of aspects. The first is that relationship among Asian countries is becoming tenser and tenser and the biggest bar ...
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Share My Experience of Extra Curriculum Activity in Dengfeng
qq565439685 2014-11-12 15:09
My Experience of Extra Curriculum Activity in Dengfeng
In the past two weeks, the students of our major had an extra curriculum activity of surveying and mapping in Dengfeng city. I had gained a lot in different realms through it. To be honest, I had thought my major, surveying and mapping, really sucks before it. The impression this job left me is that the technicians had to carry out lots of heavy devices and equipment to the working field like some extremely rugged areas, so that people of this major won’t feel happy regardless of the p ...
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Share Seeing is Not Always Believing
qq565439685 2014-10-31 13:31
When I was in my high school, there were two upper classes, which were known as the experimental advanced classes and I was studying in one of them. Both of these two classes are in the same level, but the atmosphere is totally different. On the one hand, the head teacher of my neighbor class is extremely strict and a little bit rigid. One of the students in his class told me that they were required to have selflearning classes during the weekends and they were forced to live in the dormitory i ...
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Share The Power of Chinese Dream
qq565439685 2014-10-23 15:36
Just as the famous singer Celine Dion sings that “ feel the frame forever burn , teaching lessons we must learn , to bring us closer to the power of the dream ” . China also has its own dream. If you ask me what Chinese dream is, please follow me to witness the power of Chinese dream? Before I was admitted by this university, I lived in ChenZhou, Hunan province. At the beginning of 2008 , a terrible ice disaster just happened there ,the road ...
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Share Effective and appropriate communication in hospitality industry
qq565439685 2014-9-25 15:36
Communication is the best way to make the acquaintance of others. An effective and appropriate communication can be the key to success. But what kind of communication could be described as the effective and appropriate one? Every communication has its own purpose like convincing others, enhancing the mutual relation, reaching a tactic aim or making a deal with someone. Only if your goal is achieved through this communication, can it be effective. On the other hand, we may confront ...
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Share My visit to Beijing
qq565439685 2014-9-18 22:25
My visit to Beijing
It has been a long time since I last updated my blog. After a mini summer vacation, I’ve finally returned to my school. But what impressed me most is till the summer time. My girlfriend and I visited Beijing and both of us had a wonderful experience about metropolis – convenient transport, super malls, skyscrapers, and its own culture known as Old Beijing.
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Share my understanding towards IAEA
qq565439685 2014-7-18 13:16
IAEA is the short form of International Atomic Energy Agency. The definition of atomic energy, in my point of view, is two-sided. On the one hand, the development of atomic energy can solve the lack of power produced by fossil fuel, which does a lot of good to environmental protection. On the other hand, it can cause disaster to the whole world in the form of nuclear war, such as the consequence of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Firstly, IAEA has its certain influence on solv ...
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