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My Thoughts towards Peace Keeping Operation

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I had heard of Peace Keeping Operation in United Nations since I was very young, but I never had a deep perspective about it. Luckily, at the first class of this term’s military English course, one of my instructors gave us a presentation about his personal experience of join this huge and honored organization in Middle East area. Following are some of my perspective about Peace Keeping Operation.


Peace keeping is not just a kind of mission or task but honor we should cherish deeply as future officers or commanders. On the one hand, the chance of being chosen is extremely slim. There are two elements being taken into consideration for the selection part, one is the drill of driving while the other is the background knowledge of UN, mission area and relationship of local leaders. (My instructor just mentioned two sides of qualification. However, I think, there should be the third one, that is English ability. Language must be the basis of communication among people from different nations and maybe this is why he was picked to conduct such an international mission) On the other hand is the operation itself. Peace keeping operation is with the intention of settle the unrest in the whole world and it’s comparatively dangerous, so to be an observer in such an operation is a kind of challenge, which is honorable to every citizen in a nation.


So what kind of personalities or traits an observer should be of?


As far as I am concerned, the sense of responsibility must come first. The one who was selected to be the observer stands for the image of his own country, so what he has done will leave the corresponding impression of his country to others. I didn’t know much about United Nations until I first participated in model United Nations in our university. As the delegate of Iran, I contrived so hard to gain more profits for the country I stand for on Iran nuclear issue and it was just at that time that I felt one must be responsible for everything he presented, especially when it comes to the situation and cases of nations.


Secondly, etiquette plays an important role in international communication. As an observer in peace keeping, my instructor told us that they had paid a lot of time learning international etiquette, which is the unified, standard and general instruction in international communication. For officers, specially, they need to grasp much more like when and where to salute, the occasion to wear corresponding uniforms (service dress, field jacket, camouflage dress or parade dress), how to talk with residence and your leaders and so on. This could be a long term’s learning because the items are so immense and sophisticated. I had the same feeling about etiquette when I participated in AIMUN 2015 last month. I think I must be the laughingstock if I didn’t join a course of international etiquette from my instructor Chen, because I didn’t even know anything about how to receive name-cards from others, which position or seat belongs to the senior and manners on the table and so on. So knowing international etiquettes must be one of the traits for peace keeping observers.


Thirdly, the one who is competent for the position of observer must know how to settle cultural difference well. I still remember my instructor told us his embarrassing experience during his mission in Lebanon. The first is about food and diets. There was no rice in the base and the only form is frozen fast food in the refrigerator, which could be a suffering to Chinese people while the foreign observers had already accustomed to it. The second is about activity there. He told us that the foreign guys were always gathering together to watch porn videos, which is unacceptable for a conserved Chinese officer while he was asked to share it. Additionally, there were still lots of clashes of cultural affairs happening. So a competent observer, I think, must have the ability to handle it properly, or it will cause many unpredictable and unnecessary troubles.


Last but not least, observers must be passionate but also sane. A case my instructor introduced to us is that one of the observers in that area lost his life to his undisciplined behavior. One working day, he broke the rule and drank some alcohol, after which he drove the car into a mine field (It’s not a permitted area for observer) and died there. So I just regard it as a standard for selecting a qualified observer to be sober and disciplined. For one thing, the chance for them to be in danger will be much slimmer, for another, it’s better to shore up our nation’s image.


To be honest, joining the peace keeping team is not a cushy job. The subsidies are not so much and working surrounding is not comfortable, so why are there so many Chinese officers wanting to be in? I guess the promoter must be – honor. Peace keeping has the power to get them together and fight for it.

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