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Developing the ability of strategic thinking

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The famous militarist Sutzi had said in his book, The Art of War, that nothing is too treacherous in the war. In my point of view, the treachery mentioned in his book is equal to the strategic thinking. How to decrease the losses in the future? I think it’s of great significance for us to develop the ability of strategic thinking.


But how to develop this kind of ability?


As far as I am concerned, the most important thing for us to do is to read more books. For instance, when commanding a war, there must be a lot of uncertain factors you will confront with, so there must be a plan B to make the complement of the original one. The cases are the same in the mathematic books where there are various solutions to one question and this is how books affect the formation of strategic thinking. If you read more books, your thought will become rigorous and it’s easy for you to cultivate a kind of creative thinking style, which is the basis of strategic thinking. So read more books and you will come closer to the ability of strategic thinking.


Is it quite enough to just have the ability of strategic thinking to fight in the future or win the future wars? Well, the answer is obviously ‘No’.


Let me take Zhugeliang as an example. Zhugeliang was so wise and treacherous; as the militarist in the period of three kingdoms, he was full of strategic thinking. But he turned out to be failed and his kingdom Shu was finally defeated by other realms. Why could it happen? That is because Shu was not that powerful at the end of the period of three kingdoms.


So power must be taken into consideration when talking about the strategic thinking to match with it. How to strengthen the power?


On the one hand, I think it’s of great importance for our country to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness in the whole world to be more prosperous; and this kind of prosperity must be based on the well protection and defense of our army. On the other hand, when it comes to individuals, what we should do is to learn more, gain more knowledge, strengthen our bodies and master more skills, so that we can be more competitive in the future job field and our future careers.

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