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Change the Unchangeable

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Two years ago, I had got my admission letter from the PLA Information Engineering University and became a cadet in military academy. I had dreamed a lot about my college life when I was in high school, but the atmosphere in my university had truly let me down. Every time we are walking, we will be in the column and we barely have our own time to do something we like. We have to get up at 6AM, then come the affairs like having morning exercise, cleaning our rooms, taking compulsory courses, standing guards, taking physical training, having endless so called “business trip” and being on duty. This kind of life is widely divergent from what I dreamed to have and I was struggling with the depression from the gap.


Four months after my enrollment, I joined the band of the army and made the acquaintance of some comrades sharing the same interest with me. They told me that the life of military academy was fairly boring and what we should do is to change the unchangeable. But how can the unchangeable be changed?


I had changed my attitude towards the boring life and began to find something interesting to enrich my college life. According to my interest, I then participated in some English speech contests, debate groups, singing competitions and was recruited into the radio station of our university to be a broadcaster, through which I gained a lot of comprehensive abilities, friendships and happiness. I accepted the lifestyle of military academy from then on.


We can easily hear people around us shouting loud and complaining like “why couldn’t I find a better job?”, “how could the working load be so much?”, “when can I live in a big house?”, “why do people turn their back on me?” but seldom will they attribute them to their own. We can’t change the objective situations and circumstances, so why not just try to change ourselves. We are supposed to hold an optimistic attitude towards life and find something we are willing to do to make life more colorful.


So changing the unchangeable is not for you to change the adversity, circumstance and misfortune you confront with, but the mentality and attitude to face with them. In philosophy, the objective existence is what we can’t change, but we can control our mind and stimulate our subjective initiative. My dear friends, try to be positive and you will find that all the unchangeable will be changed.

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