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My Experience of Extra Curriculum Activity in Dengfeng

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In the past two weeks, the students of our major had an extra curriculum activity of surveying and mapping in Dengfeng city. I had gained a lot in different realms through it. To be honest, I had thought my major, surveying and mapping, really sucks before it. The impression this job left me is that the technicians had to carry out lots of heavy devices and equipment to the working field like some extremely rugged areas, so that people of this major won’t feel happy regardless of the promising salary and employment prospect. But it was opposite when I was in face of the achievement made by our team and I was so proud of this job. Then a kind of unreasonable worship towards it accrued for me.

Cooperation, I think, is the most important part in surveying and mapping because of the feature of this job. We can’t finish all the tasks alone, so we had to pay much attention to the spirit of group. But in my experience of this extra curriculum activity, we were just lack of the notion of group and the main reason for it could be divided into the following two aspects. On one hand, the degree of mastering the knowledge point was divergent among the members in the whole group; some had a very skillful manipulation of the equipment while others knew nothing in both experiment and theory. On the other hand, there is always no consensus made; almost every member in our group held his own idea and fought against others’, so it was so hard to reach an agreement and there is few progress. 

As for the manipulation of the equipment, there were different kinds of equipment which worth over 1,000,000 yuan in total, so these devices were so precise that even a very negligible error will cause a big mistake. And there were a lot of unpredictable factors in the outside like the position of the chosen points, the sinking of tripod and the drawing of working pictures.

In conclusion, my 2-week extra curriculum activity experience have taught me a lot. I have changed my attitude towards my major and I have made my mind to study surveying and mapping harder and better in both the manipulation and theory.


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