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Share My Experience of Extra Curriculum Activity in Dengfeng
qq565439685 2014-11-12 15:09
My Experience of Extra Curriculum Activity in Dengfeng
In the past two weeks, the students of our major had an extra curriculum activity of surveying and mapping in Dengfeng city. I had gained a lot in different realms through it. To be honest, I had thought my major, surveying and mapping, really sucks before it. The impression this job left me is that the technicians had to carry out lots of heavy devices and equipment to the working field like some extremely rugged areas, so that people of this major won’t feel happy regardless of the p ...
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Share The Power of Chinese Dream
qq565439685 2014-10-23 15:36
Just as the famous singer Celine Dion sings that “ feel the frame forever burn , teaching lessons we must learn , to bring us closer to the power of the dream ” . China also has its own dream. If you ask me what Chinese dream is, please follow me to witness the power of Chinese dream? Before I was admitted by this university, I lived in ChenZhou, Hunan province. At the beginning of 2008 , a terrible ice disaster just happened there ,the road ...
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Share My visit to Beijing
qq565439685 2014-9-18 22:25
My visit to Beijing
It has been a long time since I last updated my blog. After a mini summer vacation, I’ve finally returned to my school. But what impressed me most is till the summer time. My girlfriend and I visited Beijing and both of us had a wonderful experience about metropolis – convenient transport, super malls, skyscrapers, and its own culture known as Old Beijing.
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Share physical training
qq565439685 2014-7-11 22:38
I have just finished all the tests and I am waiting for the summer vocation’s coming. But recently, I heard a sad news that we can no longer enjoy summer vocation form this term. Instead, we are going to have lots of physical training. To be honest, I hate this kind of life, but I have to accept it unconditionally.divbr/divdivbr/div
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Share Prepare for The Coming Papers
qq565439685 2014-6-22 08:29
I am now under the high pressure of the coming final examinations. The curriculums in this semester are so heavy that I do almost have no time to make the preparation. We had just finished the physical tests yesterday, and luckily, I have passed all the items. For the next two weeks, all of my concentrations will be put into study and preparation for the papers. Life here in my college is tough recently, I do just want to complain about the system and the fu ...
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Share preparation for the coming singing competition
qq565439685 2014-5-23 23:11
preparation for the coming singing competition
Tomorrow, I will take part in a singing competition organized by our academy, I used to singing soft and gentle songs, but this time, I’d like give myself a big and hard challenge that is to change my style. I am going to taste rock music. The song I choose to compete is 3 days and 3 nights, which in Chinese is 《三天三夜》 . And I wish a satisfactory result and ranking.
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Share Nowadays
qq565439685 2014-5-15 23:29
I was so busy nowadays with endless homework, tough assignments, presentations and business jobs. To be honest, I do really want to go traveling, I think traveling is a kind of experience to have a look at different landscapes and relaxation from stressed heart. This summer I would like to go to Beijing, capital city of China. When I was in high school, I just wanted to be enrolled in a university there, because it is the c ...
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